My usual short blog post where I try to sum up the previous year in 12 photos. 2019 was quite remarkable and full of so many special moments. I’m always very glad to have all of these photos to look back on it more clearly. For some of the memories, you’ll find blog posts linked to them if you wish to see more. And now, onto creating new memories for 2020!

January starting out in the best way possible

Charming village landscape covered in snow

Discovering new cities and new countries

The houses of Frankfurt, Germany

Revisiting our daffodil meadow only to find it white and fluffy instead of yellow

Girl with a hat in a daffodil meadow

The arrival of magnificent spring blossoms

Cheery blossoms in April

Falling in love with sleepy quaint French villages

The picturesque village of Dinan, France

Finally seeing the awe-inspiring cliffs of Étretat

Girl sitting on top of the Étretat cliffs

My dreams coming true at Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel in the distance, girl in a dress in the foreground

Long summer days with my chocolate fluffball

Girl and her dog in nature at sunset

Enjoying every second of autumn

Girl in a pinafore dress sitting on a rock and enjoying the beauty of autumn

Visiting exciting new places with friends

Geierlay bridge during autumn

Finding amazing vintage pieces that I’ve been looking for years

Girl lacing up her vintage riding boots

Every moment spent with Grégory, even though we record so few of them

Girl and a boy taking photos of each other with their cameras in an antique mirror

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