This short blog post I always used to end the year with, became a bit harder to write this year. While I always used to include things that make me happy at home, I didn’t expect to only mention such things during 2020. Life went on hold in March and never really went back to normal. Consequently, there are no easy picks such as travels and big milestones – those have all been postponed, hopefully for next year. While we’re all glad to be saying goodbye to 2020, there were still a handful of lovely memories I will fondly remember. Here are some of them and I wish for even more heartwarming memories in 2021!

The extremely rare restaurant outings

Long-awaited spring blossoms

Woman holding cherry blossoms during the spring of 2020

Exploring new places around Belgium

Gentle summer days that lasted for three lovely months

Woman in a dress in front a wooden fence during a summer day in 2020

The rare moments spent with friends this year

The unforgettable summer sunsets

Woman in a dress running towards the golden sunset

Every moment we spent at Aux Quatre Bonniers

All the dream collaborations that came true this year

Every minute of this year’s short autumn

Frosty morning walks

Frosty morning landscape during November of 2020

All the new and old books I read and re-read this year

Woman holding a candle in front of a bookshelf, looking at all the books read during 2020

Those halcyon moments of calm

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