We visited Amsterdam on what seemed to be the hottest day of the year. And despite the sunburns and the blisters, we had the most amazing time ever! Seeing the buildings of Amsterdam dappled in sunlight breaking through the branches, watching the sunset over the seemingly endless canals, having picnics in the grass – I will always remember this trip with a smile on my face.

Damrak, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Windmill in Netherlands

Speaking of, this short visit was a last minute decision after our initial plans for camping in Germany fell through. The vacation days were already there so we figured, why not visit a nearby city neither of us visited before? We headed off to Amsterdam early in the morning, early enough to see the sunrise while driving through the highway. A seemingly boring drive turned into one filled with old windmills and charming roads lined with symmetrical trees. Netherlands, you are picturesque!

Herengracht Canal, Amsterdam
Since our last minute trip was rather short (if you ask me), I deliberately planned a trip without any museum visits. For the two days that we were there, it felt like a waste of time to spend any of it waiting in lines. I wanted to see it for myself, see the city and its people and just observe life. Therefore we spent a lot of time walking around the canals and occasionally resting in cafés.

Unmissable cafés

Ree7 – my Pinterest find from 8 months ago that didn’t disappoint in real life!

Café Kobalt – our last stop where I had elderberry juice straight from Croatia! How random is that?

Pluk Amsterdam – what better way to cool off in the Amsterdam heat than by having some refreshing pressed juices and smoothies?

Collage Ree7, Café Kobalt, Pluk Amsterdam
Ree7; Café Kobalt; Pluk Amsterdam

More on Amsterdam

Basically, we spent our whole time walking around canals, relaxing with cold drinks at cafés and having impromptu picnics. Furthermore, while walking around Museumplein we took the opportunity to dip our feet in a pool. In the end, a schedule filled with so much walking naturally and unfortunately led to blisters and sunburns.

Amsterdam Canal

And I don’t regret it at all, no matter how uncomfortable the conditions were. If anything, I wish it had lasted longer. The canals seemed to never end and there simply weren’t enough hours in those two days to see all of them. My wish to see a sunrise in Amsterdam also came true and it did not disappoint, despite the high expectations. Hell, I had high expectations for everything in Amsterdam and I was not let down! And luckily, Amsterdam is not that far so a future trip is bound to happen! Until then, I hope you enjoy this gallery of a summer trip to Amsterdam.

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