If you still haven’t caught up with our beautiful trip to Athens, you can read more about it here and here. And now, on to the most delicious part of our trip, the food! We didn’t have specific expectations about Greek cuisine, mostly because we focused on finding vegetarian places for Grégory. If we only knew what was awaiting us! We fell in love with the food, were surprised by the huge portions, and hated leaving it behind. A nice detail about Greece was the ice-cold bottle of water waiting for us in every single place. Not only were we in dire need of it after walking under the Greek sun but it was healthier for us. I almost never drink enough water. All in all, I heartily recommend all of the following restaurants in Athens!

Εύχαρις (Efxaris)

The first restaurant we ate in right after visiting the Acropolis, Efxaris was the perfect example of an amazing Greek restaurant. Being hungry and thinking two main meals were not enough, we ordered a side salad to share. Needless to say, I had leftover shrimp to take home because my eyes were bigger than my stomach. This restaurant is in a fairly touristic area so if you’re not a fan of crowds, go for an early lunch as we did. You’ll find most places on the verge of opening and enjoy a calm and relaxing lunch.

Cafés and restaurants in Athens

Αβοκάντο (Avocado)

The most important thing you need to know about Avocado is that they have the most delicious vegetarian burger! Not being a vegetarian myself, I’m quite familiar with the cuisine and veggie burgers are my favorite thing about it. We both went for the same thing, their signature Avocado burger with homemade ketchup. I’m not even that into avocado but this burger was divine. And it was accompanied by sweet potato flakes which were new to me and absolutely delicious!

Cafés and restaurants in Athens

Mama Tierra

Mama Tierra is a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options and the prices are very affordable. Not that I can call any restaurant we went to expensive, but this one had the most reasonable prices considering the menu. Grégory got himself a vegan moussaka while I had a vegetable burger. Full disclosure, I preferred the one from Avocado! And again, since we arrived here around brunch time, it wasn’t crowded at all.

Cafés and restaurants in Athens

Αψέντι (Apsenti)

We stumbled upon this café with our friends while trying to get away from the midday sun and it was the perfect oasis of calm. We were the only customers inside and I fell in love with the old rustic table we were seated at! One lovely and unexpected detail was being given little pastries together with our bill.

Cafés and restaurants in Athens

Φειδιας (Phidias Café)

The last café we stopped in on our last day, Phidias Café is situated right next to the hotel of the same name. We found it on our way back home after lots of walking so Grégory indulged me and we sat down for one last iced chocolate. Good thing we were flying out of Athens the following day because I was becoming slightly obsessed with these drinks!

Cafés and restaurants in Athens

Cafes and restaurants outside the center of Athens

Ορφέας (Orpheas)
Βενετσιάνα (Venetsiana)
Εν Αιθρία (En Aithria)
Υάδες (Yades)
Αλέα (Alea Café)
Τίλλας (Tillas)

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