With August gone and the last warm days lingering on, we’re slowly saying goodbye to summer. While I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with summer, one thing I always miss are those warm golden sunsets. August was filled with those and we spent so much time outside chasing after them. Even if the evenings slowly turned colder and you needed a cardigan if you wanted to just sit outside. We continued on with our weekend hikes, enjoyed dinners in great company that lasted until midnight and delighted in having homemade pies for breakfast. August was everything it ought to be, the last hint of summer.

Girl holding a hat during an August sunset
Field of heather during an August sunset

After ten lovely days of late summer, the rains arrived and with them, a little Jack Russell Terrier. Every now and again, I take care of other people’s dogs if they’re on holidays. Sometimes it’s just for the day or sleeping over for a few nights. In this case, Jacky stayed with us for eleven days and properly settled in with us. Miles and he made friends quickly and got so much playtime on a daily basis, despite the cold and rainy weather. All in all, the eleven days flew by and before we knew it, Jacky went back home. Poor Miles was once again sad because he got used to having him around for so long!

One day, after tiring the dogs with frisbees, we went up to Malchamps. One of my favorite places during summer and autumn, I revisit it very often. While the sun sets, the tall grass turns golden and with it, the entire landscape too. This sunset was no exception, bathing everything in golden and then pink tones. I think summer will always be my favorite time for shooting these sunset portraits. There’s just something about photos taken during the summer golden hour.

Girl with a hat during an August sunset

Midway through the month, we went blackberry picking for two days in a row. This amounted to enough blackberries for two blackberry crumbles and a few frozen jars of them for the winter. Honestly, I find baking pastries so calming and fulfilling. Sometimes I wish I could do it every day just because it’s so gratifying! Speaking of food, this August marked the first time I ever tried sushi! A new restaurant opened this month and Grégory decided to take me out so I can finally try sushi. In the end, I loved it so much that I can’t wait to return and try more!

Miles made sure we don’t miss an August sunrise by randomly waking us up at 4:30 AM one Saturday morning. So we decided to go where we usually observe deer and instead saw seven boars! This was particularly exciting because they’re very elusive, especially when it’s a mommy protecting her babies. Aside from that, we decided to make the most of the soft sunrise light and shoot some photos for my collaboration with Son de Flor. One of my favorite brands that I’ve been admiring for three years, this was a dream come true. But I think it deserves a special blog post of its own, so more on that soon!

Girl in a dress during an August sunrise

In the end, August ended on a warm summer note. After all that rain, the sun came back with such fervor. Somehow, we ended up walking around Domaine de Berinzenne three times in 24 hours. And each walk was almost 4 km long! I suppose we were just craving a bit more sun before the cold starts settling in. Personally, I won’t mind that at all. I’ve already spent half the month thinking about what I want to do this autumn. I’m looking forward to it even more because we’re getting a new 50mm lens for the camera! Which makes me so excited for shooting autumn leaves and morning frost and all the other aspects of this magical season. See you next month with new photos taken with the new lens!

Field of heather during an August sunset
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