On a cloudy mid-October afternoon, we got ready and headed out to Aux Quatre Bonniers. One night at this charming B&B was a lovely respite from daily life. While this visit probably seems a bit rushed, it was just a first taste because we’re returning here at the end of October. And I can certainly see us coming back here for an entire weekend on one of our future anniversaries! I have actually known about this B&B for years now, with that exact plan in my mind. So what better place for my first hotel collaboration than someone I’ve admired for years. I have been inspired by Katleen’s beautiful house for a long time and that feeling was only magnified during our visit!

Aux Quatre Bonniers

Aux Quatre Bonniers is an enchanting bed & breakfast in Olne, in the province of Liège. In fact, Olne is listed as one of the Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia and rightfully so! To anyone wishing to explore the Ardennes, you certainly won’t be disappointed with Olne. Back to the house though and its history! Dating back to 1750, it belonged to the Heuse family and stayed in their ownership for 250 years. The current owners purchased it five years ago, with many of the original features still intact. One of my favorite items is the Art Nouveau china cabinet in the main hallway. Designed by Gustave Serrurier-Bovy back in 1905, it’s a stunning piece of furniture from one of my favorite eras.

A view of Aux Quatre Bonniers B&B in Olne from its vast garden.
Art Nouveau china cabinet in the hallway of Aux Quatre Bonniers.

The B&B has three rooms inside the house and another one right next door with a separate entrance. The latter one is called Atelier, a small adorable space similar to a studio. The remaining three rooms all bear names after famous writers: Victor Hugo, Georges Simenon and Alexandre Dumas. We spent a night in the Simenon room, named after a famous Belgian mystery writer. It seems fitting that they’re all named after writers because you will find books all throughout the house. That was when I knew I could spend months sitting in front of the fire with a book in my hands. I just felt at home!

George Simenon room at Aux Quatre Bonniers B&B in Olne

Every minute of our stay was quiet and calm, especially the first evening. Armed with coffee and apple cinnamon tea, we snuggled up on the old Chesterfield sofa in front of the fire and nibbled on some cinnamon chocolate. Needless to say, it was a blissful evening. Considering most people are re-discovering their own countries this year, visiting Aux Quatre Bonniers for a weekend seems like a perfect idea. The owners can also suggest some hiking trails to you if you want to explore the region on foot.

Woman holding a candle next to a window at night.

Local and homemade breakfast

After slowly waking up the following morning, we went downstairs for a lovely surprise. The charming breakfast room was all set for breakfast which was absolutely delicious! It arrived in segments so there was a new surprise in front of us every 5 minutes. (No house elf in sight, I checked!) The most delightful part about it was that everything was either from local shops or homemade by the owners. La Meule du Plateau, maquée aux fins herbes, and of course, the locally famous Herve cheese and sirop de Liège. Unfortunately, I’ve never liked cheese and while I did try these cheeses, they still haven’t won me over. But Grégory was quite delighted with the cheese spread!

Local and homemade breakfast at Aux Quatre Bonniers, with boiled eggs, waffles, muffins and homemade hawthorn jam.
Window of the breakfast room at Aux Quatre Bonniers.

There was something for everyone; sweet and savory. Smoked ham and Lev’Gos, a local sausage sweetened with Corinth raisins. Plus, I got to taste hawthorn jam for the first time ever and it was delicious! We also tried another delicacy new to us, a caramel spread with salted butter from the local chocolate artisan. Even the flour used to make the muffins and waffles comes from a nearby mill. My favorite part was definitely the delicious homemade spéculoos! All in all, the attention to detail is astounding!

Local and homemade breakfast at Aux Quatre Bonniers, with boiled eggs, waffles, muffins and homemade hawthorn jam.

After that fulfilling meal, we ran around outside, marveling at the slightly misty view of the village underneath Aux Quatre Bonniers. Even though it’s right in the vicinity, with the B&B on top of the hill, you would guess you’re somewhere far from civilization. The only sounds we heard were the birds and the wind. Right before leaving, we got to relax for a short while. I must admit that the reason I chose the Simenon room was because of the beautiful clawfoot bathtub. I had never taken a bath in a bathtub like that before and it felt quite luxurious!

woman having a bath in a claw foot bath
Clawfoot bathtub and sink in the bathroom of the Georges Simenon at Aux Quatre Bonniers B&B in Olne

As I write this last paragraph, we’re awaiting tomorrow’s stay at Aux Quatre Bonniers, this time in the Victor Hugo room. I decided to separate the visits into two blog posts because I know I will have more than enough photos. But also because with two weeks in between our two stays, I’m expecting to see golden foliage everywhere tomorrow! One day when life returns back to normal, I’m hoping to return here with Grégory for a longer stay. A vacation filled with hikes and even more leisure, preferably during autumn again. With some homemade pizzas prepared in that original pizza oven! Meanwhile, prepare yourselves for another idyllic escape soon, this time in all its autumn glory!

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