I’ve always only owned vintage messenger bags from secondhand stores. . After owning the same secondhand bag for 11 years, I was thrilled when Beara Beara suggested we work together. They create beautiful satchels, handbags, and backpacks inspired by the old-school British vintage style. It was love at first sight! I knew I would be choosing a bag that would last me a lifetime.

woman in a hat and dress wearing a beara beara bag

The story of Beara Beara

This story starts in Bolivia where Jake met Julia while working and traveling. Her family was making and selling leather bags in a tiny shop. Impressed by their artisanship, Jake started collaborating with the family and the rest is history. The materials are locally-sourced in Bolivia and are high-quality. Keeping the production in Bolivia provides full or part-time employment for local artisans. You can see the skill, determination, respect, and love that go into making each individual bag.

Timeless vintage style, excellent craftsmanship, and quality materials define Beara Beara. Extremely durable and made of leather, all bags are handcrafted in Bolivia using methods passed down through generations. You can personalize every bag with embossings of your choice. A name, initials, a date, symbols, you name it. They can be done in various fonts, in different colors, and placed in a few diverse places.

woman in vintage clothes and a beara beara messenger bag

Santa Anna Satchel

My go-to bag whenever I travel abroad or do day trips within Belgium. It fits all my essentials and my reusable water bottle too. If I need to work at a café, I can easily fit my iPad in the bag. The Santa Anna satchel is handmade and vintage-inspired. Inspired by Scottish designs, it has a red tartan-lined interior. As someone who only ever owned vintage messenger bags, I instantly loved this bag. It’s an everyday bag but with a sophisticated design. The satchel is so well-crafted and sturdy that I know it’ll last for years. In fact, I look forward to still wearing it decades from now!

Fiona Handbag

The Fiona handbag followed me on quite a few trips abroad this year. When I was busy taking photos and only wanted the bare essentials with me, this was the perfect bag. It was so light I would forget it was there. And it’s so effortlessly elegant. I absolutely adore it and find it stunning. Whenever I take it somewhere with me, I feel like it elevates my whole outfit.

beara beara fiona mini bag

Designed like vintage luggage, it feels like opening a mini suitcase. The inner tartan lining only adds to the vintage suitcase vibe. Someone once told me I reminded him of Newt Scamander whenever he opens his suitcase – talk about a compliment! The Fiona Mini comes with a leather shoulder strap and a brass chain. Honestly, it’s a different bag depending on which strap you choose!

fiona mini handbag by beara beara

Mary Handbag

The Mary Mini handbag is the newest release from the Autumn/Winter 2022 collection. It has a unique vintage shape and brass hardware, making it stand out. It also comes with a leather strap and a brass chain. Even the way it opens is unique! I won’t lie, it took me a minute or two before I figured it out. It’s by far the smallest of these three bags. But it’s got a design I haven’t seen anywhere except in genuine vintage bags. It actually has cute little feet on the bottom!

Beara Beara quickly became my favorite brand when it comes to timeless vintage-inspired bags. Generally, I prefer to own only a handful of bags. Three bags of different sizes for different occasions that never sit around gathering dust. Depending on where I’m going, I switch them around. Quality over quantity, always! And that’s one of Beara Beara’s main goals, discouraging needless waste. Something I will always gladly support when it comes to fashion!

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