Liège is a city I visit the most often and it’s only because that’s where the closest cinema is. I’ve only ever written one blog post about Liège and it was about hidden gems in the city. Considering how I often revisit it, it seemed only fair to share the best cafés in Liège. I’m always here for cinema outings and over the years, I’ve found the cutest and coziest coffee shops in the city. Most of these also function as cafés and as restaurants, on top of also being work friendly!

art deco cinema in liège

Chez Moi Café

Rue de la Casquette 45, 4000 Liège

My most recent discovery, Chez Moi Café Bar is one of the most enchanting places in all of Liège. The second I walked in, I fell in love with the vintage interior. In general, Chez Moi is a cocktail bar with a fitting unique decor that transports you back in time. I know I’ll be back here after most cinema outings in Liège because it’s 2 minutes away from the cinema. Either for getting cozy on the sofa with a book or getting lost in writing future blog posts. Somehow, this café is equally relaxing and inspiring. If I lived in Liège, I would be a regular at Chez Moi!


La Batte 23, 4000 Liège

The newly opened Gwali is a unique brunch restaurant that also sells unique decorations. It’s the perfect mix between a restaurant and a decoration shop. The menu has amazing vegan and vegetarian options. What’s more, they offer brunch all day long, which I have yet to try. I visited in the afternoon and did my usual thing, which was to be distracted by all the pastries on display. The interior felt cozy but also stylish and I loved the light pouring in through the big window. This is definitely a place I’ll often return to in the future!

pastries at gwali liege

En Ville

Rue Soeurs-de-Hasque 7, 4000 Liège

En Ville is one of my favorite cafés in the center of Liège, due to its proximity to the cinema and how work-friendly it is. Technically it’s a restaurant with fine vegetarian options which I have yet to taste. Normally, I drop by here after the cinema and while away a couple of hours working. It’s always busy but calm enough to work and best of all, dogs are allowed indoors!

Grand Maison

Quai de la Goffe 37, 4000 Liège

Grand Maison was one of the first cafés I discovered in Liège, years ago when I was trying to find shelter from the cold after another cinema outing. A café during the day and a brunch restaurant on Sundays, Grand Maison is situated inside a little wonky house on two floors. It’s a cute and cozy place with delicious seasonal food that you can always enjoy!

cake at grand maison liege

Merlix Cats Café

Rue des Clarisses 50, 4000 Liège

Definitely the most unique café on this list, Merlix Cats Café gives itself away with its name. The concept of a cat café stems from Japan and has slowly spread through Europe. It’s the perfect place for cat lovers because you’ll find them everywhere, walking around the café or curled up on armchairs. All of the cats come from a specific refuge and can be officially adopted. Or you can just come over and pet them. The café mostly serves sweet dishes, like smoothie bowls, cakes, and dorayaki pancakes, alongside drinks.

Le Cappuccino 1971

Rue des Croisiers 40, 4000 Liège

One of the first cafés I discovered in Liège, Le Cappuccino 1971 is a genuine local recommendation. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything resembling tourists here, only people who all seem to know one another. My favorite thing about this place was always the interior. I’m a huge fan of industrial design and I always want to curl up with a book in one of the inviting armchairs. I usually drop by here for drinks but you can also have some homemade dishes.

le cappuccino 1971 café in liège

Darius Café

Rue Charles Magnette 1c, 4000 Liège

Darius Café is a stylish urban café close to the city center. It shares its space with Kraime, a newly opened extension of the café. More brunch-oriented, they also have delicious ice cream with unique flavors. Also, Kraime serves gluten-free and dairy-free pastries from my favorite local bakery. The joint layout might seem a bit confusing but I kind of like that you can switch between the two depending on what you’re in the mood for. Sounds like the perfect place for a brunch with friends followed up by drinks, lasting the whole afternoon.

darius café in liège

Get Your Mug

Rue des Carmes 17, 4000 Liège

Another café in the center of Liège, Get Your Mug is a cozy coffee shop. They serve breakfast, brunch, and lunch. I’ve only ever tried their pastries but the savory part of the menu looks delicious. It features many variations of bagels and buns. The beautiful sofa is perfect for relaxing with a book. On the whole, it’s a cozy work-friendly coffee shop!

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