After years of living in Spa, Belgium, I figured it was about time I make a list of the best restaurants in the city. Most of these places are our favorite places that we frequently revisit. Considering the fact that I am a picky-only-eat-seafood-and-chicken person and Grégory is a vegetarian, it took us a while to find restaurants that suit us both. Living in Spa means living in Wallonia, a region famous for meat and hunting so you can imagine our struggle. It wasn’t easy at the start and it was only after a few years of living in Spa and new places opening up that we were able to find what we consider to be the best restaurants in Spa!

gio cafe restaurant in spa, belgium


Rue de Barisart 295, 4900 Spa

If we’re talking about the best vegetarian restaurants in Spa, Barisart is the clear winner. Partially because there aren’t many vegetarian-oriented options in Spa but also because their menu is brilliant. Alongside meat and fish dishes, you will find creative vegetarian and vegan recipes. The restaurant prides itself on cooking with locally grown produce and offers healthy and delicious meals. Barisart often happens to be our choice for anniversary or birthday dinners, as I’ve previously mentioned here. Located in the middle of the forest, next to the source of the same name, it’s an absolutely gorgeous place!

best restaurants in spa, barisart

Gio Café

Rue Delhasse 24, 4900 Spa

The newest addition to the restaurant scene in Spa, Gio Café is a family business situated in the center of Spa. With a terrace and a cute hidden garden, it’s our favorite place for some book reading on an early Saturday morning. Both a café and a restaurant, we love going here for an impromptu lunch. The menu is extensive but only because there are three different ways to prepare every meal. You can get it in a toast, sandwich, or salad formula and it feels like getting a slightly different meal every time!

best restaurants in spa, gio cafe
best restaurants in spa, gio café


Rue du Dr Henri Schaltin 43, 4900 Spa

Our favorite restaurant pick whenever we don’t know what to cook, Osaka is a brilliant sushi restaurant. In fact, this is the restaurant we revisit most often, whether for dining in or for takeaway! The menu is substantial and offers a handful of vegetarian options. Every time we come here, there is a line of people waiting for their takeaway orders and it makes me happy that this place is so popular. Overall, a great restaurant to relish in Japanese dishes that I wholeheartedly recommend!

best restaurants in spa, osaka
best restaurants in spa, osaka

Little Arthur

Another family business, Little Arthur is a charming restaurant that proposes quiches and breakfast options. The restaurant got its name from the owner’s son whom you might spot at the restaurant. Newly opened in 2021, it makes me happy to see such a restaurant thriving. Their menu offers 13 quiche recipes and includes three different vegetarian options! Alongside the savory pies, you’ll also find an even bigger selection of sweet pies. We ordered two takeaway quiches from their Christmas menu and loved them so much that we returned a few weeks later. Our second quiche tasting was improved by the beautiful cozy interior and friendly service. We can’t wait to go back to Little Arthur and discover more delicious quiches!

La Brasserie des Bobelines

Place Royale 41, 4900 Spa

You will find La Brasserie des Bobelines in the middle of the city, inside a beautiful historical building. A bit on the pricier side, it’s a great choice for a special occasion. So when we found ourselves there one foggy October evening, that’s exactly what we did. Lobster, truffle, burrata, and chocolate moelleux, are just some of the ingredients we got to try that night, and you’ll find so much more on the menu! On the other hand, if you’re looking for a complete gourmet experience and haute cuisine, the Manoir de Lébioles restaurant is the place for you! For more detail, head over to this blog post.


Place Pierre le Grand 2, 4900 Spa

My last recommendation can’t be counted among restaurants but it’s the perfect place to end your dining experience in Spa. Boteye is a unique cocktail bar that focuses on local ingredients, wild foraging, and sustainability. The cocktail recipes begin with the ingredient and not the other way around, meaning the menu changes with each season. By choosing cocktails that are in harmony with nature, you’re sure to have a unique drink here!

best restaurants in spa, boteye
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