Looking back on it, I never imagined Athens would be the city I revisit the most. But here I am, with a total of 30 days spent marveling at the Greek capital. During my last visit, I made sure to discover the best rooftop bars in Athens. The sun was shining, winter coats were no longer necessary; in a word, it was heavenly. I spent two nights at Mona Athens, a chic hotel in the city center, which has a rooftop of its own! The remainder of my town in Athens was spent on the many rooftop bars this city has to offer. Honestly, there are so many of them that my selection makes up a small part. Nonetheless, I still wanted to share them with you, hoping they would inspire you!

A for Athens

Miaouli 2, Athens 10554

We’re starting off with my personal favorite rooftop bar, A for Athens. You’ll find it on the top floor of the same-named hotel. This rooftop bar was the background to one of the most beautiful sunsets I saw in Athens. And it also serves one of the best iced chocolates out of all the rooftop bars. A for Athens had the most intimate atmosphere out of all the rooftops in Athens. The music wasn’t too loud and you could still hear the sounds of the city, whose backdrop of ancient treasures made for a romantic sunset. I’ve had a special fondness for sunsets in Athens ever since my first visit. The beige buildings of Athens are like a blank canvas for the sunset to work its magic on them. And even the less impressive ones are always enchanting!

acropolis view from  a for athens, rooftop bars in Athens

Ciel Athens

Mnisikleous 2, Mitropoleos Square, Athens 10556

Next up is Ciel Athens, the only place where I opted for food instead of drinks. It was a day of long museum visits and we were in need of some fuel. This all-day brunch restaurant provided us with that and beautiful views of the city too. Most notably, you can see the cathedral, whose interior I had marveled at the previous day. Aside from that, there is a lovely view of the Acropolis as well as the imposing Mount Lycabettus, a famous viewpoint in Athens. Ciel Athens is also a cocktail bar so you can enjoy your drinks with a view!

MS Roof Garden

Athinas 1 & Ermou, Athens 10554

It will be hard to forget the magnificent sunset from the MS Roof Garden terrace. As busy as I was with photographing it, I also took a step back and soaked it all in. The setting sun painted the lively Monastiraki square in different colors before nighttime. One of my favorite things was the floral wall covered in fairy lights which came alive once night fell. Overall, this was a lovely experience and I would definitely recommend it. This being one of the most popular rooftop bars in Athens made me a bit skeptical beforehand but I have to admit I was only pleasantly surprised!

ms roof garden, rooftop bars in Athens

Attic Urban Rooftop

Ermou 86, Athens 10554

By far the most instagrammable of all the rooftop bars in Athens, Attic Urban Rooftop has got a rather memorable terrace. There are two swings underneath a string of flowers with a view of the Acropolis. Honestly, can it get more picture-perfect than that? On top of brunch and lunch, they also serve dinner but you can totally drop by for drinks only. Naturally, I went with my go-to choice when in Greece, the iced chocolate. That being said, what they serve here is more of a cold chocolate than an iced one!

360 Cocktail Bar

Ifestou 2, Athens 10555

My final stop on my last day in Athens, the 360 Cocktail Bar is also on the bustling Monastiraki square. Despite the fact that I was leaving soon, I still had most of the day ahead of me so I headed here first thing in the morning. With the entire terrace all to myself, I indulged in the Athenian sunshine one last time. I couldn’t believe my luck with those endless sunny days and 15° temperatures in January! I have to add that the iced chocolate at 360 Cocktail Bar was one of the best ones I tried. More than a fitting farewell to my delightful third visit to Athens. I am clearly drawn to Athens for some odd reason so it’s a safe bet to say that I will be back soon!

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