Rajská 7, 811 08 Bratislava, Slovakia

Arguably the most magical café in Bratislava, Bistro St. Germain is an absolute marvel. On my last morning in the city, this charming bistro was my shelter from the rain. I had spent one night in Bratislava and left the best for last. In a hidden courtyard just outside of the old town, you could easily miss Bistro St. Germain. A popular spot among locals, its name was inspired by the Paris arrondissement, Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

bistro st. germain books café

I first saw a photo of Bistro St. Germain years ago, probably on Instagram. And I could instantly picture myself sitting there on a moody rainy day. What happened in real life was even better. One rainy Thursday morning I had the entire café to myself. Instrumental jazz was playing, making the enchanting café seem even more magical. Honestly, if I lived in Bratislava, I would be here every single day!

cozy armchairs at bistro st. germain

I have to admit that Bistro St. Germain was the main reason why I wanted to visit Bratislava. A café with a bookshelf wall will make me want to visit any city and Bratislava was no exception. Luckily, the city had much more to offer but this café remains my favorite place in Bratislava!

The Parisian-style interior looks equally chic and inviting. Whether you want drinks, some cake, or a nice dinner, you’ll find all of that at Bistro St. Germain. That rainy morning, I went with a raspberry chocolate cake and homemade lemonade. They were both delicious and I only regretted I didn’t have time for a proper meal.

tables at bistro st. germain

The prices are affordable and the menu is constantly changing. Notably, the desserts always differ and always look really impressive! And finally, who could resist this vintage café interior?

bistro st. germain restaurant in bratislava

I know that when I return to Bratislava, I will come back to Bistro St. Germain. At opening time, so I can have all of this magic to myself one more time. And this time around, I will bring a book and spend hours in that armchair. I’ll fawn over its stylish interior and soak in the cozy atmosphere. Mostly though, I’ll find myself wishing I had a similar place to come back to here in Belgium!

bistro st. germain books wall

Another book café in Bratislava, Next Apache

Panenská 28, 811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia

I visited another café that morning, as early as 9 AM. Next Apache is a tiny café and bookstore with secondhand books. The antique velvet sofa and armchairs coupled with rows of books create a delightfully cozy atmosphere. You’ll find used books in Slovak and English, ranging from every possible genre. My suitcase already had a few books from my visit to Budapest, otherwise, I would’ve taken a few from Next Apache!

next apache cafe bratislava

Tucked away in downtown Bratislava, Next Apache is mostly frequented by locals. Which is funny since a Canadian expat is behind this café! When you walk in, it feels like you’re entering a secret world of artists and intellectuals. It’s a café with the most unique ambiance in Bratislava and you must drop by here for drinks!

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