To begin with, I want to tell you a little bit about Monschau. It’s a minuscule but extremely charming German city surrounded by hills. It is situated fairly close to the Belgian border which personally, provides us with a great excuse to drop by fairly often.

Facades of Monschau

In fact, we visited it earlier this year during spring and were delighted. The first thing you notice is the unique architecture. Crooked houses with crooked beams separating the floors and sometimes even crooked facades.

Facades of Monschau

What I love about Monschau is how they’re aware of its uniqueness and they love accentuating it. And they know their city looks the best when dressed in its Christmas attire. I’m pretty sure I didn’t see a house without any Christmas decorations. The Christmas spirit is in the air!

Christmas in Monschau

The city is protected by hills from all sides and all of them are accessible on foot. We climbed up on two of them and were treated to magnificent views of the city. I remember loving the view back in May but this time, it was captivating.

Witnessing the magic of the Christmas market from up high felt inspiring. I could just sit up there and soak up the beauty of the city.

The Christmas market from up high
The Christmas market from up high

Each time I visit, I want to stay for more, despite the hundreds of tourists. The hardest thing about visiting at this time of the year is finding a parking spot.

As the night approached, Monschau only seemed to become even more beautiful. Darker yet brighter on account of all the Christmas lights. Mysterious and foggy, fitting weather if you can’t get snow.

Foggy and Christmassy Monschau

Nonetheless, you will fall in love with Monschau. It’s impossible not to! You feel transported to another era when you look around and see these buildings. Almost like the ones inside of a snow globe.

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