Charming cobblestone streets, romantic canals, bridges, little gingerbread houses, and all the chocolateries scattered throughout the city. Every time I talk about Bruges, I sound as if I’m falling in love.

Frances Mayes once wrote: “Falling in love with a book brings the same catapulting madness and zest that falling in love with a person brings.”, and while I agree completely, I can’t help but notice that visiting Bruges gives me that same feeling of zest and happiness.

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I feel as if I’m transported to a fairytale city untouched by time, a feeling that intensifies during winter even more. Let’s face it, Bruges is a very touristy place and that is even more noticeable during the spring and summer months. Personally, I find it a lot more charming when I walk down its streets all buttoned up with the cold air pinching my cheeks. Or maybe that’s just me romanticizing the autumn and winter cold. I won’t lie, I tend to do that! But I’m getting off-topic here and while I’ll definitely show you that side of Bruges in a few months, right now I want to show you Bruges bathed in sunlight and full of warm summer colors.

Bridge on Perdenstraat
Bridge on Perdenstraat

Places I stopped by:

  • Vero Cafe – order the strawberry almond clafoutis and thank me later!
  • Blackbird – order tea if you want to feel like you’re having it in England.
Vero Cafe
Vero Cafe
Tea at Blackbird Tea Room, Bruges
Tea at Blackbird
Quiet streets of Bruges

Quiet streets of Bruges

I always make my way around Bruges with the USE-IT map. You have all the practical info you could need and an easily readable map of the city, together with lots of recommendations from locals – what more to ask for? Personally, I always like to draw out my itinerary and this time, along with visiting all the tourist spots in Bruges, I decided to explore some new corners of it. I didn’t regret that decision because I ended up finding many quiet streets completely empty of moving cars and sided with beautiful houses. So here it is, I hope you enjoy the gallery of my trip to Bruges!

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View of the Old Civil Registry, Bruges

View of the Old Civil Registry

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Jan Van Eyckplain

Jan Van Eyckplain

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Restaurant Spinola

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Moerstraat, Bruges Kemelstraat, Bruges

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