Recently, I finally got around to reading Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast and as I suspected, it got me daydreaming. In a decade, when I think of the book I will probably only remember the way he described Paris during autumn. They are extensive descriptions but never tedious and they will make you wish you lived in Paris during the 1920s. Personally, I found many inspirational quotes in it that I jotted down in my notebook.
And I mention this book because it got me thinking about two years ago when I first came to Brussels.

Architecture of Brussels

Brussels was completely new and foreign, yet its utterly gorgeous architecture and cozy tea rooms made me feel welcome and at home.

Architecture of Brussels

I used to spend hours on end simply walking through the city, exploring it with a map until I would get lost because of getting distracted. Or simply because the street on the left or the right looked intriguing enough to alter my itinerary. After finding lots of books in a secondhand bookstore, I would snuggle up in a cozy café with hot chocolate warming up my hands.

Comptoir Florian
Comptoir Florian

I didn’t even need a reason to go outside, I simply loved those aimless walks during which you can see the season change in front of you. I now live in Spa and during these cold months, I find myself missing those Brussels afternoons. So I always make sure to visit it a few times during my favorite season. And it never fails to make me feel the same way anew.

Late Autumn in Brussels

I know that whenever I think of Brussels in the future, these fond memories will come back to me and I will smile looking back on them.

L'atelier en Ville, Brussels
L’atelier en Ville

I have yet to visit Paris and try to see it through Hemingway’s eyes but it can wait.
Until then; Brussels, you will always be my little Paris!

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