I’ve only started this post but I sense it might be endless. This is because Brussels is full of amazing cafés and I’m sure this list will only grow as I visit it more and discover new places. But for now, here are some of my favorite cafés in Brussels!

Since I don’t actually drink coffee, I end up finding myself choosing cafés on the basis of their interior. And having cheesecake on the menu also helps me come to a decision.

So even if I say “cafés”, in pretty much all of these places you can grab a little something to eat.

Bocca Moka Coffee House

*2020 update: permanently closed*

Ok, I’ll admit it. I found this place online, saw a photo of that Chesterfield sofa and decided to go there. But can you blame me, it’s absolutely gorgeous especially when coupled with this vintage world map as a wallpaper!

Bocca Moka Coffee House, Brussels

On the other hand, they do have a wide variety of bagels on the lunch menu and they are delicious so I would certainly recommend it!

OR Espresso Bar

This place is a good example as to why you should sometimes skip on your usual places and try something new. Even if it’s only because your go-to places were closed.

OR Espresso Bar, Brussels

A brick wall, old wooden tables and window seats by a counter – count me in!

OR Espresso Bar, Brussels

L’atelier en Ville

A concept store and a café, L’atelier en Ville prides itself with industrial design, great hot chocolate and the cutest little backyard I’ve ever seen.

L'atelier en Ville, Brussels

A.M. Sweet

I’ve loved A.M. Sweet ever since the first time I stumbled upon it. Speculoos cheesecake, a French-inspired interior, and Cezanne, the owners’ dog, casually strolling around the room.

A.M. Sweet, Brussels

I even remember a chalkboard sign asking the customers not to feed him no matter how cute he looks, and he will put on his cutest face for food. That was just adorable!

Comptoir Florian

And at last, Comptoir Florian as my favourite place in all of Brussels. I just adore this place. The first time I stepped inside, I felt as I had been transported to the mid-1930s, inside a Parisian tea room echoing with Billie Holiday’s lovely voice.

Comptoir Florian, Brussels

In fact, I love this place so much that each time I find myself there, I wish to live there and work there and basically never leave it! It just feels incredibly inspiring for someone like me, with immeasurable love for black and white movies, jazz and in general, the 1930s and 1940s. For more on my favorite place in Brussels, head over here!

To be continued…

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