Earlier this month, we spent the most enchanting night at Manoir de Lébioles. Situated inside a manor house just outside of Spa, it’s the only 5-star hotel around here. Built between 1905-1910 by the architect Georges Neyt, you will find it tucked away in the forest. It’s also called “The Little Versailles of the Ardennes” and I can see why!

manoir de lébioles hotel

Years ago, we accidentally drove up to Manoir de Lébioles and I was instantly smitten with it. Therefore, I felt honored to be able to finally explore the hotel. I found myself constantly in awe of the entire place. I could’ve photographed the manor house from every corner all day long! The facades covered in ivy had already begun to turn red, in anticipation of autumn. It was all so endlessly inspiring!

We spent the night in the Castellane Suite, equipped with a four-poster bed and a magnificently placed bathtub. I must admit that this was my favorite thing about this room! Aside from this one, there are 16 other rooms available. Each room is uniquely designed and heartwarming. Another room worth mentioning is the Royal Suite. Warmly decorated, one corner of the room is an actual turret! I got to snap a few photos right before leaving and it looked charming in the midday sun.

When we first arrived, the fog had enveloped the surrounding hills. Looking out the window, the room instantly felt cozy. It was the first time this year that it felt autumnal! The bygone charm of the elegant hotel combined with the foggy weather made me fall in love with the place. Later that evening, you could hear a fire crackle in the fireplace. I won’t lie, it got me daydreaming about how cozy Manoir de Lébioles must be during Christmastime!

cozy fireplace at manoir de lébioles

Manoir de Lébioles also prides itself on its own luxurious spa and wellness area. Sauna, steam baths, massages, aromatherapy, cosmetic and beauty treatments, lounge areas, fitness areas, whatever you might want! We didn’t try it out personally but that’s exactly why you need a relaxing two-night stay here.

On top of all these impressive things, Manoir de Lébioles also boasts a gastronomical restaurant awarded with 14,5 Gault Millau points. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, we were unable to enjoy this culinary experience during our stay. However, that will be corrected soon so you can expect a separate blog post next month!

The entire hotel underwent serious renovations 15 years ago and is now a perfect blend of modern comfort and antique charm. Certain corners were especially heartwarming while the rain was falling outside. The cocktail bar felt cozy in the evening light, as did the entrance hall. We were waiting for dinner with drinks and watching the friendly staff solve the logistics of dinner that evening. They swiftly booked taxis and restaurants in Spa for everyone!

cocktail bar at manoir de lébioles

Breakfast at Manoir de Lébioles

We got to enjoy a delicious continental breakfast, which was much needed after our morning walk. We got up right before the sun and explored the gardens. Every charming corner of it was worth photographing. Needless to say, the breakfast was delicious but the breakfast room was what won me over! It looks over the hotel gardens and it’s a genuine delight to look into the peaceful, quiet forest while biting into a croissant. 

dining room at manoir de lébioles
breakfast at manoir de lébioles hotel

Both Grégory and I agreed that Manoir de Lébioles would be the perfect place for a wedding anniversary or even a baby honeymoon. It’s tucked away in the woods, set inside a gorgeous manor house, and filled with activities for couples. Coincidentally enough, Manoir de Lébioles offers special packages for couples, such as culinary journeys, horse riding, playing golf at the Royal Golf Club des Fagnes, wellness treatments, and much more!

I can’t think of a better place than Manoir de Lébioles for a unique weekend away. It’s not every day that you can treat yourself to a spa treatment in the middle of the forest! The welcoming staff is always at your disposal for anything you might need. At the end of the day, you’ll only regret that your stay at Manoir de Lébioles wasn’t longer!

suite royale at manoir de lébioles
manoir de lébioles gate covered in ivy

Overall, our stay at Manoir de Lébioles was absolutely amazing. You can feel the care and passion put into every aspect of the hotel, which results in a truly relaxing stay. If you ask me, these last three months of the year seem like the best time to visit Manoir de Lébioles. The hotel feels so heartwarming and cozy during autumn, especially when it rains. 

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