I suppose Ghent could be called Bruges’ lesser-known brother. I wish that weren’t the case because this city is a true gem.

Streets of Ghent

In fact, I have no idea why everyone flocks to Bruges but forgets Ghent. Personally, I love them both but if I had to choose, I would skip Bruges in this case. It’s lovely and charming but my, the number of tourists is crazy high. Combine that with a tiny medieval city and it doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?

Canals of Ghent

As a matter of fact, Ghent was the first city I visited when I moved to Belgium. I was curious about the film festival over there so I spent three days exploring Ghent and watching films in between. Not too shabby, if I may say so!

Streets of Ghent

As was to be expected, I absolutely fell in love with the city! Coupled with the fact that I made a very dear friend there, I need not mention that I drop by very often. So naturally, we had to explore the Christmas market together too and it didn’t disappoint!

Christmas Market in Ghent

It goes without saying that we walked throughout the whole city whilst photographing anything that caught our eye. I’m a big fan of Christmastime for obvious reasons but also because of all the bokeh photos!

Christmas Lights in Ghent


I could go on and on about the lovely cafés I visited this time in Ghent but I’ll try to be short. Particularly, because I thought I might do a separate blog post on all the lovely places I found in Ghent since there are way too many!

Huset and Julie’s House

Huset is a newly opened café and art gallery where you can sip on tea or attend a poetry reading. You can even have a go at the piano in the other room! I felt at home the moment I sat down on one of the many vintage chairs.

Equally welcoming is Julie’s House, a place I’ve been meaning to visit for months. It was certainly worth the wait! You truly feel like you stepped into a warm and cozy home when you walk through its door. Not to mention all the pies and cupcakes they have.

Huset Café; Julie's House
Huset Café; Julie’s House

Christmas makes Ghent look even more magical

The beauty of Ghent’s medieval architecture is emphasized even more with the Christmas lights. Honestly, this city looks as if it fell straight out of a fairytale. I think I’ll continue to visit it as often as I can but one thing is certain – I’ll be back in Ghent every December from now on.

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