It has only been a week but I already miss you, Copenhagen. We spent three days in the capital of Denmark for my husband’s birthday and it was a perfect trip.

Weekend in Copenhagen

We arrived early in the morning and began a long day of walking through old streets, churches, cafés and museums. First stop was a 25 min bus ride outside of the city, Grundtvigs Kirke.

Grundtvigs Kirke

I’ve visited quite a few churches by now but I had never before been this impressed by one. Its nave is impressively tall and long and even the design is impeccable.

You can’t come to Denmark and not look into its famous design so our next stop was the Design Museum. I liked that it was an interactive museum where you could play around with lots of designed objects.

Weekend in Copenhagen

We encountered so many colorful streets on our way to Paludan & Bog Café, where we grabbed a bite. And then I started noticing hidden backyards on every street, like this one.

Weekend in Copenhagen

From then on, I was on the lookout for colorful backyards and there was plenty of them. Generally speaking, Copenhagen won me over with its simple yet distinct architecture.

Weekend in Copenhagen

Magstræde, the most famous street in Copenhagen

Needless to mention, by the time we got to Magstræde, the city had completely won my heart over. I have a soft spot for cobblestone streets so I instantly fell in love with the oldest street in Copenhagen.

Weekend in Copenhagen

Weekend in Copenhagen

Since this was, after all, a trip for my husband’s birthday, we headed to the LEGO store in the center of the city. And we couldn’t help but buy personalized LEGO figurines of the two of us.

Despite our day beginning at 3 am due to an early flight, we still spent some time in the city after sunset.

It was equally beautiful, especially when we stumbled upon this corner. We immediately decided to come back during the daytime.

Weekend in Copenhagen

After 8 pm, we found ourselves at the hotel with some snacks and “A Lego Brickumentary” playing on the TV.
All in all, it was a lovely first day in a city that won us over so do stay tuned for more Copenhagen photos soon!

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