As you might remember, I wrote about Ghent here not so long ago. It’s one of my favorite Belgian cities and I’ve visited it countless times. And as a result of that, I discovered lots of lovely places to relax. Cafés in Ghent are plentiful and there are always more of them waiting to be discovered. But these are some of my personal favorites that I keep coming back to.

Cozy and romantic table setting at Alice, Ghent

They all share the same traits: they’re extremely cozy, they have beautiful interiors, and amazing food and drinks. Therefore, I wanted to introduce you to a few of my favorite cafés in Ghent. If you ever find yourself there and are looking where to go, any one of these cafés is a great choice!

Julie’s House

Kraanlei 13, 9000 Ghent

Amazing pies and cute cupcakes in a charmingly small interior that could easily be mistaken for one from medieval times, with its old wooden doors, narrow stairs, and iron windows. Needless to say, the pies are delicious and I wish I could try them all!

Julie's House, one of my favorite cafés in Ghent

Julie’s House has become a classic spot by now so it’s often full. Nonetheless, I would still heartily recommend it. Tasting one of those delectable pies while sitting in such a nostalgic interior is worth any trouble!

Het Moment

Burgstraat 20, 9000 Gent

My most recent discovery, Het Moment was actually a recommendation from a friend. And I would say she knows me well because I loved the interior from the second I came in! A former auction house, it’s hard not to fall for this café. The beautiful moldings paired with oversized mirrors look so elegant. Alongside the alluring interior, you’ll find a charming terrace outside.

You can sit down for breakfast, drinks, or a hearty lunch at Het Moment. And if something happens to grab your attention, you can purchase it right here in the café. You can stock up on your favorite coffee beans, grab a bottle of wine or buy an entire cake to take home. I think I’ll have to come back here on a rainy day, early in the morning. I can just picture sitting there with a book and having the place all to myself.

table at het moment cafe gent


Onderbergen 6, 9000 Ghent

Alice is the kind of place where you walk through its door and immediately feel like you’ve been transported to the 18th century. The pastel walls and wallpapers depicting romanticist paintings make for a very romantic setting. Not to mention the antique chairs gathered around every table! Practically in the center of Ghent, but in a calm one-way street, it’s the perfect place for escaping the city noise.

Alice, one of my favorite cafés in Ghent

Pink interior with french windows that bring in lots of light and even a fireplace. What more could you need? In the back, you’ll also find a charming terrace that’s always open during the warm months. Having enjoyed their tea and pastries, I have yet to try their food but that’s just another reason for coming back to this enchanting place!


Hoogstraat 49, 9000 Ghent

When a little bit of googling gets you to discover your favorite café in Ghent. That’s how I happened to stumble onto Huset. Honestly, if I was living in Ghent, I can tell you with certainty that I would be spending way too much time here. The interior inspires me greatly and feels like the home I always belonged to. If I had to pick a favorite among cafés in Ghent, this would undoubtedly be the one!

Huset, one of my favorite cafés in Ghent

In fact, the second I walked into it, I could just see myself spending hours there. It inspired me to find a cozy corner and write for hours on end. Considering how big my love for this place is, I decided to dedicate an entire blog post to it, in case you want to see and read more!

Huset, one of my favorite cafés in Ghent
Huset, one of my favorite cafés in Ghent

I hope some of these caught your attention so that if you ever find yourself in Ghent, you feel a bit less lost. Or even better, if they made you want to visit Ghent in the first place!

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