A few months ago a Greek clothing brand approached me for a possible collaboration. That was back when Belgium was still under quarantine so I didn’t feel ready. Three separate photoshoots seemed too elaborate at that time. Feeling uninspired and restricted in movement, I postponed the collaboration with madame shoushou. In the end, that was a good thing because the photoshoots deserved some planning ahead!

Girl wearing a madame shoushou dress under a tree tunnel

Madame Shoushou is a clothing brand from Athens, headed by Elina Kordali. They create different pieces of clothing but you’ll remember them best by their dresses. Elegant or casual, with unique prints and in different lengths. The designs are unique and sumptuous. Walking around in these dresses, I felt ready for a movie premiere!

Stylistically speaking, this couldn’t be further from my usual style. I mean, I even wore a less fancy dress for my own wedding! Nonetheless, I had so much fun while photographing these dresses. Since they felt so far away from my usual style, I could experiment more and have fun while editing images.

Girl wearing a madame shoushou dress while climbing the stairs

bleu perle dress

Inspired by life itself and everyday magic, you will feel unique in any of their designs! When photographing the dresses, we visited some old favorite locations but tried out a few new ones. The casino in Spa dates back to 1763 and its facade was the perfect background for this blue dress. It blended into the neoclassical architecture so effortlessly. Not to mention those stairs, which look like they were made to be slowly ascended in a long dress!

Girl wearing a madame shoushou dress while climbing the stairs

acteon dress

In order to shoot a few photos of the acteon dress. I finally revisited La Charmille. The most unique place nearby, I couldn’t wait to return there. My favorite tree tunnel looked enchanting in its summer edition. Returning here since last autumn finally inspired me to get back into photography, after a month-long break throughout June. Not to mention my two-month-long break from this blog!

Girl wearing a madame shoushou dress under a tree tunnel
Girl wearing an elegant long dress climbing up the stairs

apporhais dress

For the last madame shoushou dress, we drove up to a place where we usually observe deer. It looks magical these days because foxgloves are in full bloom. Patches of them adorn the entire field. Naturally, the golden hour made everything look more magical that evening.

Girl wearing an elegant madame shoushou in the forest

Overall, these three photoshoots for madame shoushou felt dreamlike and escapist, featuring such lavish long dresses. While such stylish clothing is very far from my comfort zone, that is precisely why I liked it. I got to try out something completely different. In the end, it was a welcome challenge and an enchanting distraction.

Girl wearing a madame shoushou dress in front of an old building
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