Last week, I spent a day just walking around Brussels and taking photos of its facades. Most of those were situated in Ixelles, the most charming neighbourhood of the city, if you ask me. I should probably return there for a blog post simply on doors and windows because you couldn’t believe their charm!

Facades of Brussels

Two years ago I used to spend most of my time wandering around Ixelles, even though I lived in a different neighbourhood called Uccle. Charming doorways, cute park corners, film projections of old black & white movies and the architecture that made me look up so often my neck hurt, all of those were the reasons why I kept coming back to Ixelles.

Facades of Brussels
Doors of Ixelles

Best cheesecake in town!

A.M. Sweet – for the best spéculoos cheesecake in town, look no further than in this lovely tea room owned by an older couple that always surprises me with their kindness. And a special host called Cézanne, their lovely dog that has a sign dedicated to him – it’s a sign asking you not to feed him no matter how cute he’s trying to be and he will TRY to be cute.

A.M. Sweet, Brussels

As I usually do, I walked through Brussels till my feet hurt, taking photos of any building that drew my attention. Some notable ones were Tassel House and Hotel Solvay, Art Nouveau buildings designed by Victor Horta, a renowned Belgian architect whose work I absolutely adore.

Tassel House, Brussels
Tassel House, by Victor Horta

In the gallery, you can see many buildings of Ixelles and its beautiful facades, details from Rue Haute that is overflowing with antique shops and finally, some shots of sunlit Mont des Arts.
I hope you enjoy this short post on Brussels while I work on a couple of autumn themed posts – stay tuned for more!

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