If you’ve been on Instagram for a while, then you are without a doubt going to recognize this castle. Being crazy about architecture as I am, I was at once beguiled with Eltz castle.
As an Instagram popular destination, you can only imagine how crowded this place gets.

Fairytale castle
Fairytale castle

Luckily enough, we didn’t have to witness that in person!
Even though we woke up one hour later than we planned (the phone alarm failed us), we still ended up exploring the castle alone.

Fairytale castle

We arrived at 8 am and the 4 people that were in front of us disappeared into the castle. We now had it all to ourselves.

Fairytale castle

Miles was with us so we stayed outside, checking out every nook and cranny of the courtyard.
And of course, photographing everything on digital and analog.
I couldn’t stop marveling at the architecture and the position of the castle.

I find its setting to be fascinating and unique. Endless trees and unbroken skies. You can’t see anything else, even if you climb up for the view. In fact, driving up to the castle, we were half-expecting to catch a glimpse of it. But there was nothing, the forest conceals the castle altogether.

Fairytale castle

If you ever find yourself nearby, pay it a visit because it’s a one-of-a-kind castle.
It dates back to medieval times and impressively enough, the same family still owns it. 33 generations, 850 years.
For us, this was a two-hour road trip that, to be honest, felt awful on the way back. Driving in the car under the 30° sun is not the most pleasant way to spend two hours.

Fairytale castle

Despite that, it was a great trip nonetheless. I’ve never really done many road trips in my life so every time they happen now, I can’t help but feel lucky and grateful. Especially since I now get to do them with my best friend/husband!
The summer has only begun and consequently, so have the road trip adventures!

Fairytale castle

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