Spring came a bit later this year which made me realize I still have enough time to publish an article that sums up all the beautiful flower fields I’ve discovered since living in Belgium. Right now most forests are adorned with white carpets of wood anemones while daffodils and cherry trees are in full bloom. As surprising as it may sound for such a small country, there is an impressive amount of flower spots in Belgium. To begin with, Brussels is covered in pink cherry blossoms. Alongside certain places we’ve discovered, I also decided to mark three spots that I have yet to visit: The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken, Floralie Brussels in the Groot-Bijgaarden castle, and the apple blossoms around Sint-Truiden. You can find them all on the map I shared down below in the hope it helps with your planning!

Daffodil fields near Monschau

Just imagine, yellow as far the eye can see! Bear in mind, these are wild daffodils so they’re shorter than daffodils you see in people’s gardens. I had lots of trouble finding proper information about this online and this was the best I got. There seem to be plenty of places to park and start walking from there; in fact, all the trails you need are marked with the yellow sign of a daffodil. We only tried one specific path and were greeted with so many daffodils but I’m looking forward to exploring more of them. You can find a few different spots to start from on the map below!

P.S. Near the border with Germany, there are big fields of daffodils in Rocherath in Belgium.

Flower fields around Belgium

Cherry tree flowers in the Japanese garden of Hasselt

The Japanese Garden in Hasselt is a beautiful place that turns completely green and pink during April. This year the flowers started blooming later than usual but anytime during April is a good time to visit. One thing I would definitely recommend is visiting during the week because it’s a lot less crowded than during the weekend. You can enjoy the beautiful and substantial garden adorned with Japanese architecture.

Flower fields around Belgium

Bluebells in the Hallerbos forest

Finally, we come to one of the most popular flower spots in Belgium. This place is incomparable and I hope to visit it again in a week or two! The Hallerbos forest is very big and you can find all the info for 2018 on this website. They post videos almost every day so you can see how much of the area is in bloom and plan your visit accordingly. It’s crazy popular but very big with ten different parking lots surrounding the spacious forest, a few of which I marked down on the map. You will find endless flower fields, coloring the forest purple. If you do go, please remember not to step on or pick bluebells because next year nothing will grow there!

Flower fields around Belgium

Lavender fields in Limburg

Depending on the season, the first two weeks of July seem like a safe choice for visiting lavender fields. The one we found is in Limburg and isn’t crazy big like the ones you see in Provence but it’s still lovely to visit. Also, you can visit it for free and enjoy the smell of lavender and the buzzing of bees while enjoying a fresh drink on the terrace. You can read about it in more detail here. I find it to be a lovely place for photography due to the unique (for Belgium) landscape. I bet no one thought I would include lavender fields when talking about flower spots in Belgium!

Flower fields around Belgium

If I’ve missed something, don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments, and happy flower observing!

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