Writing about my visit to Frankfurt was definitely something I wouldn’t have predicted! But due to Grégory’s work obligations in Frankfurt on a Friday, we decided to stay for the weekend. In the end, it made for an unexpected trip full of lovely surprises. I spent all of Friday walking through the city on my own, while Saturday was reserved for Mainz, and Sunday we were back in Frankfurt for our train. We opted to sleep over in another town and therefore explore two different cities in one weekend.

My visit to Frankfurt started on Friday when I photographed the entire city so as to bother Grégory less on Sunday. I left the center of the city for the end and crossed the river to walk through some residential streets. I was trying to tick as many places off my list after which I sat down at oheim for a refreshment. Soon after I headed towards the old part of the town.

The thing about Frankfurt is that at first, all you see are skyscrapers and modern architecture. I never saw myself visiting it because I was unaware of all the beautiful architecture hiding in the old town. There are so many timber-framed houses and German renaissance architecture to see. Before our trip, looking up Frankfurt on other blogs only lead me to short city visits in between layovers and such. You won’t make a mistake by visiting the city center. It might be filled with people, which I found surprising for February but it’s certainly worth it.

timber-framed houses oriented visit to frankfurt
town hall visit in frankfurt

I have to admit I overdid it with walking that Friday. I don’t have one of those apps that track such things but I know it was too much because I was out of energy by 3 pm! So after visiting the cathedral and some other places, I sat down to warm up with tea at Teehaus Ronnefeldt. Honestly, it took me a while to find a place that serves something other than coffee. Frankfurt genuinely has an obsession with it! Anyhow, soon after, Grégory joined me and we headed to Mainz by train.

You can read all about Mainz here so I’ll skip right on over to Sunday in Frankfurt. We checked out of our Airbnb and took the train to Frankfurt, which is only 30 minutes away. Technically, that morning Grégory saw Frankfurt for the first time and his first introduction to it was a coffee place, naturally. We walked around quite a lot, ticking off everything on the to-visit list, ending up at the city center.

timber-framed houses oriented visit to frankfurt

The only place I had ever pinned on Google maps in all of Frankfurt was, in fact, the Goethe House. We paid it a visit that Sunday once the weather turned and it started pouring outside. Needless to say, I found the creaky old house to be utterly charming. His personal library was the most enchanting place of all and I wished I could’ve spent more time in it! What followed after was lunch at Goć Phố, a Vietnamese restaurant, which was a rather unusual choice for us but we felt like trying something new. 

By then the rain had started pouring even more so we headed to the train station an hour ahead of our train. By the time we boarded it, we were soaking wet! However, it was nice to know that we were only a few hours away from home. All in all, it was a trip that pleasantly surprised us since we didn’t have high expectations. But this visit to Frankfurt was enjoyable, despite the rain! Exploring both cities was a lot of fun and I recommend you do the same if you’re able to!

timber-framed houses oriented visit frankfurt
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