As January finally comes to a close, we find ourselves practically besieged by snow. After weeks of drab rainy weather, the snowflakes arrived and didn’t stop falling for two days straight. But I’m getting ahead of myself and skipping out on the beginning of the month. And that included taking care of another puppy for a day, who was just the sweetest. She was a labrador and Greek shepherd mix, which was a perfect match for Miles and his tireless energy.

As I mentioned, the weather was dreary and uninspiring, photography-wise so I didn’t find myself outside taking photos that much. Every time I envisioned going outside to do some portraits, it would rain all day long. One foggy Sunday morning, I ignored the drizzle outside and we quickly took a few photos. For the most part, I spent the entire month buried in novels, as I usually do during January.

I took a few trips to the public library in Liège, and on one of those, went to the cinema to see the movie Colette. Needless to say, being set at the turn of the century, the movie was a feast for my eyes. Another cinema outing happened a week later because I won tickets for a screening of Anatomy of a Murder. Funnily enough, it was a movie I had overlooked so far and both Grégory and I enjoyed our first viewing of it.

Personally, while I don’t find myself inspired for photography during January (unless it’s snowing), I think we can all agree we find ourselves inspired for planning trips. Rather impulsively, we decided to visit Frankfurt and Mainz in February since Grégory has to go there for work. So we opted to stay in Mainz for the weekend and explore both cities. I’m certainly looking forward to exploring the old towns and visiting the museums over there!

Finally, during the last few days, we were treated to a proper winter wonderland. The snow came out of nowhere and is still here, a good 30 cm of it! Needless to say, both Miles and I were thrilled, even if it was for different reasons, and I finally enjoyed taking photos. January just isn’t the same without some snow! But I must admit I’m looking forward to spring. The sun has finally come out this past week and I can see the days being longer, which makes me long for days spent outside under the trees. Until then, you can find me in snow up to my ankles or buried in books!

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