Some of my favorite memories this May happened at La Petite Forêt. An enchanting Airbnb situated 25min outside of Brussels, in the small village of Asse. It’s the perfect romantic getaway and let me show you why! Initially a 19th-century farm, the owners renovated it into a charming holiday home. The style is a perfect mix of countryside and industrial design elements, quite possibly my personal favorite combination! In fact, it would also be a good pick for all the cottagecore lovers out there right now! Most importantly, I love how much the owners focused on upcycling during the renovation by using pre-owned materials and antique finds.

la petite foret airbnb

While this home is available to rent out all year long, I love that the owners themselves escape daily life and return here to slow down and enjoy some downtime. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, La Petite Forêt truly resembles a cozy retreat where one can unwind. 

living room at la petite foret, a cozy holiday home
woman reading on a swing in the garden of la petite foret

During our 3-day visit, we got to experience La Petite Forêt on both sunny and rainy days. The latter gloomy days made me want to curl up with a book and a hot chocolate next to the fireplace! The interior itself is snug and inviting, with old wooden beams defining the living room as a cozy nook. 

cozy wooden interior of la petite foret

The heart of the house has to be the kitchen! Another mix of wood, iron, stone, and copper, the kitchen was alluring. I could picture myself baking a pie or preparing dinner together with Grégory. Whilst overlooking the garden, it also opens onto a dining room/winter garden.

lacanche range cooker in the kitchen at la petite foret

I loved how much light this room lets into the house. On rainy days, it was pleasant to listen to the rain patter on the glass roof. I’ve mentioned my love for winter gardens many times here on my blog so it’s easy to see why I fell in love with this part of the house!

And now we come to the bathroom, which usually isn’t a place I care to spend a lot of time in. But when I saw that deep-seated bathtub and the overall cozy interior, I was won over! I always love a good clawfoot bathtub but this one was unique. Merely sitting down in this Victorian-style bathtub leaves you completely submerged in water. And let’s not mention the walk-in rainfall shower! Normally, I prefer showers to baths but on special occasions, we like to treat ourselves to a relaxing bath inside a gorgeous bathtub.

victorian-style albion bathtub at la petite foret

On the first floor of this charming abode, you will find two bedrooms. The first one is the spacious master bedroom where we slept. My favorite thing about it was the two skylight windows. One morning we were woken up by birds singing and the sun shining. Looking up, I saw dappled light shining between the trees and dancing around on the bedroom ceiling. It was such a magical moment that was over way too soon. It’s a shame I was too slow to capture it with my camera!

The second room is the twin bedroom where you will find two antique iron bed frames. Even though we didn’t use this room, one specific corner instantly inspired me. Next to one of the beds was the perfect reading nook. Every time I read a book next to a window, I find myself looking out of it, daydreaming about whatever the book wakes up in my thoughts. Therefore, I was immediately drawn to this little window.

And finally, we arrive at the magical garden. The rain didn’t let us enjoy all the aspects of it but it was still delightful. The two wooden tables seemed to be summoning the upcoming summer and prolonged meals outdoors. The very first day we arrived, I spent quite some time frolicking about the garden barefoot. Something I can’t recall doing anywhere recently. May was slowly coming to a close and I could really feel nature waking up. I was so excited for summer and for noticing something new blooms with each passing week. 

Another exciting thing about the garden was the wood-fired hot tub. Normally not something I would be into but this tub is encased inside an oak burgundy barrel, which gives it a beautiful rustic look. Unfortunately, the unreliable Belgian weather didn’t give us more than one or two hours without rain during our entire stay, which meant that we didn’t get to try out this lovely hot tub. Probably my biggest regret!

wood fired hot tub and la petite foret in the background

I did however spend much time on the beautiful wooden swing that truly rounds up this beautifully designed garden. As if it wasn’t already enchanting enough, the swing adds a magical touch to the entire place. Can you imagine a more perfect spot for daydreaming or getting lost inside a book on a gentle summer day? 

woman standing next to the swing at la petite foret

On the whole, La Petite Forêt is by far the most unique holiday home you can rent in Belgium. It feels more like a welcoming home, compared to aloof minimalistic hotel rooms. I can’t imagine a better place to disconnect from life than in the heartwarming interior and the enchanting garden of La Petite Forêt. The ideal retreat from daily life, I would wholeheartedly recommend hiding away in this idyllic countryside home for a few days! As of spring 2022, La Petite Forêt has opened doors to its second lodging, a charming bohemian apartment in Knokke-Heist!

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