Above the city of Spa, you will find the most original lodging in the province of Liège. And I don’t say this lightly, it’s genuinely one of a kind! Le chant des étoiles is a zome, a combination of a dome and a zonohedron. Built of oak and fitted with double-paned glass, the exterior has an intriguing shape. But once you step in, you instantly feel cozy.

The smell of wood, the soothing interior colors, and the view, all help you feel snug inside Le chant des étoiles. Its name translates to “the song of the stars”, which couldn’t be more fitting. One of my favorite aspects of our stay was sleeping under the stars!

le chant des étoiles logement
woman with a book in a bed at le chant des etoiles
le chant des étoiles cozy interior

Years ago, the owners Marion and Benoît decided to start sharing their beautiful view of the woods surrounding Spa. They founded Le chant des étoiles, which was a bubble lodging at first. However, they wanted to create something more durable. This is when the zome, built by a local craftsman, stepped into the picture!

le chant des etoiles, spa lodging

We arrived at Le chant des étoiles around 5 PM and I was in love with it as soon as we walked in. The lights were on, the candles were lit and it looked incredibly romantic. The interior was so inviting on that chilly November evening!

The accommodation is kept nice and toasty with a pellet stove. If you’re spending the night here during winter, there’s no need to fret! Since the space isn’t terribly big, it warms up quickly so you’ll forget that it’s winter outside.

le chant des etoiles
le chant des étoiles, spa hotel

You will have to step outside your cozy bubble to get to the bathroom. Not to worry though, it’s just a few seconds away and then you’ll find warmth again. Inside, you will find anything you might need. A big bathtub, a sauna, a hammam, and an enormous shower, all with a view of the valley. Also, if you’re staying during the warm months, you can bask in the gorgeous outdoor shower!

Homemade organic breakfast at Le chant des étoiles

Included in the price of your stay is a delicious homemade organic breakfast. The owners will deliver the basket to your hallway in the morning and leave you to savor it at your own pace. Inside you will find homemade lemon cakes, homemade waffles, lots of buckwheat bagels, as well as spreads, and some cheese.

le chant des étoiles breakfast

We also loved our homemade blueberry yogurts, fresh juice, and seasonal fruits! I like that the owners focus on the food being both homemade and organic. All in all, you definitely won’t be hungry after this appetizing feast! During the summer, you can enjoy it outdoors in the sunshine at a table. In fact, you have complete privacy during your stay and an enormous garden at your disposal!

le chant des etoiles breakfast

We woke up to a gloomy November morning, with fog in the distance. It was the perfect weather for a slow morning indoors. But I can easily picture waking up here during different seasons. Rising with the early sunshine in the summer or looking up at the golden leaves in autumn. Or best of all, awakening to a winter wonderland! Earlier this winter, that was the case for the guests who got snowed in. I’m not gonna lie, that would be my dream scenario for a December evening!

woman sitting in bed at le chant des étoiles
le chant des étoiles zome glass roof

Additional offers include massages, a variety of champagne and wines, and marshmallows roasted over a brazier. On the whole, you’re set for a memorable couples holiday! The lodging is an architectural marvel and it’s as admirable as the landscapes surrounding you. Basically, every single detail about it is astounding!

woman standing next to the window at le chant des étoiles

I can’t think of a better place to escape reality than Le chant des étoiles. It’s original and dreamy and you will feel pampered during your stay. It feels like a cozy nest in the middle of nature. Best of all, you can gaze at the stars from the safety of your cocoon. If you’re looking for a unique stay while visiting the Ardennes, look no further than Le chant des étoiles!

le chant des étoiles hotel
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