During our weekend in Namur, we had the pleasure of discovering Le Temps de Livresse. This unique book accommodation is the perfect bookish escape. The owner likes to say that here the B&B stands for Bed & Books. Having said that, the breakfast is gigantic and includes many various things. In fact, you probably have enough food for a day-long brunch. And best of all, it includes local and organic products!

breakfast at le temps de livresse

While at Le Temps de la Livresse, you have an entire duplex and garden at your disposal. Spacious and bright with a Scandinavian-inspired design, it feels cozy. Filled with books, it perfectly corresponds with the hygge philosophy. You’re only 5 minutes away from the city of Namur, while still enjoying the peaceful countryside. What’s great is that it’s easily accessible by public transport! It’s a 20-minute bus ride from the train station which is so convenient.

woman reading a book at le temps de livresse

The ground floor features a living room lined with bookshelves with an open staircase leading to the top floor. Up there, you’ll find the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom with an open shower. I loved the open space and how easily one room flows into another. And best of all, there are so many spots for book reading on both floors.

le temps de livresse namur

When it comes to its name, I find the play on words rather amusing. Livre translates as book whereas ivresse means drunkenness. Basically, Le Temps de Livresse translates as “the time of book drunkenness”! While there, you can enjoy pleasant walks in the surrounding countryside. Or simply burrow in and get lost in imaginary worlds of books. After all, this place is an idyllic bookish escape where you can rest.

One of my favorite moments was waking up at Le Temps de Livresse. The enormous window lets in so much light and offers a wonderful view. We woke up to a frosty pastel sunrise that was utterly magical!

sunrise at le temps de livresse

Bed & Books at Le Temps de Livresse

Le Temps de Livresse has one of the most unique concepts when it comes to accommodations. Not only is it a B&B where you can come and unwind, but it’s also a library of sorts. You can grab any of the books on the many bookshelves and take them with you. It’s all very easygoing and there is no obligation to leave a book behind in exchange. However, we vowed to return with a stack of books we’ve been meaning to give away. What better place to leave it in than one that attracts all the book lovers?

I was happy to have found two books that I had been meaning to read and took them back home. I love how checkouts in such places always take forever because we end up spending an hour talking to the owners. With such an original concept, we had so many questions and so many compliments to give out! The owner told us she daydreamed of being a librarian and found a way to channel that through this innovative lodging.

le temps de livresse b&b in namur

In essence, Le Temps de Livresse is the ideal place for a serene stay in the countryside. Grégory jokingly said I should book it for a week and lock myself up with a pile of books. Joke or not, I know I would love every moment of such a stay! Therefore, I wanted to share this special place, in case you ever find yourself around Namur. Le Temps de Livresse is a charming B&B in the heart of Wallonia, focused on slowing down. And frankly, more people should be talking about it!

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