For years now, I spend the end of August looking for fields of heather. Most of the time unsuccessfully. Or I plan on visiting some but those plans never come to fruition. Usually, because such big impressive fields are in Flanders and not in Wallonia where I live. But a while back, we accidentally stumbled onto some smaller patches of it right here at home.

Girl reaching a hand towards heather.

I must admit that before moving to Belgium, I had never noticed heather before. And that’s due to the fact that it doesn’t grow around my hometown and the one that grows by the seaside is similar but ultimately a different plant because of different climates. Luckily enough, I ended up moving to a rather swampy part of Belgium, meaning there is heather abound!

Close-up shot of heather.

Needless to say, since I adore the book Wuthering Heights, living near heather is even more exciting. It’s a fascinating plant that has a blooming period, and somehow never fades with time. In fact, I have a few bunches of heather I picked a year ago and they look like new, only slightly less vibrant. I love that it’s such a wild plant that grows on its own. I always associate it with the announcement of autumn and moody weather conditions.

Woman in a pinafore dress lying down in the fields of heather.

And I often notice it all throughout winter. A bit less vibrant but still resisting those cold winter winds. The day we decided to explore the forest above Spa, the conditions were perfect. The light was overcast, the temperature pleasant, there was nothing to complain about. I was immediately inspired by everything I saw. That heather, such an untamed beauty.

Woman in a dress sitting among fields of heather.

While I love these little patches of heather we found so close to home, I am eager for next year. We’ll certainly be driving to the north of Belgium come next August. Because the province of Limbourg is hiding some downright magical places. Basically, endless carpets of heather, as far as the eye can see. But until then, we’ll enjoy our smaller scattered fields instead!

Woman hiding among fields of heather.
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