The first weekend of March saw us visiting the most enchanting museum in all of Liège. Musée d’Ansembourg has been on my list of places to visit for quite a while now. Considering it’s so close to home, it’s surprising it took us this long to discover it. Because once there, both Grégory and I had so much fun exploring each room. We were alone for most of our visit, which inspired us to take plenty of photos.

March also included Grégory’s birthday so we celebrated by going to his favorite local restaurant Barisart. For the first time in three years, we had a slow birthday weekend. Mostly because we unexpectedly traveled to Germany last month but also because it was nice to relax for a change. This month got us daydreaming about upcoming travels though, especially since we didn’t plan anything for two weeks off in June. While nothing is set in stone yet, we might be planning an exciting road trip!

On another note, we participated in the Grand Nettoyage de Printemps, an event that attracted 160,000 other people from Wallonia to clean up the streets and forests. We cleaned up a part of our river last year, not knowing about this event that provides you with the necessary materials and clothes for this messy job. Plus, we walked through the foggy forest at 7 am and couldn’t really complain about a thing!

Lac de Gileppe in March

We also went to a big spring flea market and brought back home a WWII lantern! Finding such things is always so exciting and the foremost reason why we love scouring through flea markets. Plus, it’s so much better when you find something you were actively looking for!

And then the spring blossoms decided to return for the last week of March. Needless to say, the camera went everywhere with me. In fact, I got so excited I actually made a list of all the flowers I wish to photograph in the next three months! And as it usually happens in Belgium, the second the temperature climbs to 16°, everyone gets their barbecues out! That included our friend too so we organized a little evening barbecue with puppies. Hopefully, we can repeat those when the evenings are less chilly in the upcoming months!

Early blossoms in March
Early blossoms in March
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