The first day of May started off the same way as last year; visiting a dandelion field. This year there were only small patches of yellow scattered throughout the field, while most of it had already turned white. But honestly, I loved having the white fluffy dandelions as a background. I think I’m going to be purposefully late for yellow dandelions next year too!

Girl with a hat in a dandelion meadow during May
Girl wearing a hat in a dandelion meadow during May

Usually, the month of May tends to be rather unstable here in Belgium and this year was no different. Warm weather and longer periods of rain kept swapping places all month long. While I was wishing for dappled light, I only had cloudy photos to edit in Lightroom. Don’t get me wrong though, I love editing cloudy photos and seeing how moody they turn out. On another note, we celebrated Miles’ fourth birthday this month! I can’t believe the time is passing by so fast. It feels like only yesterday when Grégory took me to a supposed antique shop. It turned out it was all a ruse and I was actually about to choose our first puppy!

Wicker basket under a blossoming tree in May

The following weekend we went to a nearby forest where Grégory took some portraits of me with flowers. It was an overcast day but I quite liked the way the photos turned out. Grégory keeps surprising me because I end up appreciating portraits of myself! Furthermore, this encourages me to do more photo-shoots like this one in the future. And I know I already have quite a few ideas in my head!

I spent most of May editing photos and planning out the last details of our trip to Normandy and Brittany. I added a few stops to our itinerary and there wasn’t much more to do then. So to shake up my routine, rather impulsively, I decided to visit Brussels. An Audrey Hepburn exhibition had just opened in the city so I decided to combine that with a few bookstore visits. The exhibition was a nice interlude to my busy day that included four bookstores. But you’ll be able to read more on that in a separate blog post soon!

I have to admit that one of May’s highlights was definitely meeting baby sheep. Grégory orchestrated the whole thing as a surprise and I didn’t suspect a thing! His surprise made me even more excited for next month’s event called Journées fermes ouvertes. Basically, around 70 farms in Wallonia open their doors to visitors. There are guided visits to the stables, food tastings, and best of all, you can meet baby animals! I mean, since I don’t like cheese or beef, I’m not interested in food tastings or anything like that. I just want to visit farms to pet baby cows and baby sheep!

Blossoms in May
Sheep in May

All things considered, despite the unpredictable Belgian weather, we enjoyed more time outside this month. It almost felt like a mild interlude to the summer. And now, on this last day of May, we leave for our first ever road trip together! For the next ten days, we’ll enjoy each other’s company while exploring old towns and cliffs, and peninsulas of northwest France. And I cannot wait to experience all of that together!

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