Many of my favorite memories of 2022 seem to be travel-related. Unintentionally, it turned out to be a whirlwind year of travel. It fulfilled my eternal wanderlust and turned my routine upside down. However, I would welcome it all over again and have zero regrets about it. I made sure to follow up on those trips with lots of downtime at home. So while most of my 2022 memories include wandering through Europe, there are plenty of memories of time spent with family and friends, both old and new!

My first solo trip through three different countries

Leaving a piece of my heart in Budapest

Revisiting one of my favorite cities

Spending nights in gorgeous hotels that were a genuine dream come true

Long travels with old friends

Spending 3 weeks with family and friends after 4 long years

Attending my favorite artists’ concerts

concert memories of 2022

Exciting new work opportunities

Making so many friends through Instagram and meeting them in real life during my travels

Discovering hidden Art Nouveau gems in underrated countries

raichle palace in subotica

Moments with my chocolate grandpa

woman petting her chocolate labrador dog

All the travel-related equally hectic and wonderful memories of 2022, the year with the most traveling so far!

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