During my four days in Budapest, I irrevocably fell in love with this unique city. Many places in this city astonished me with their old-world elegance. And one of those places was the incomparable New York Café Budapest. A stunning cafe and restaurant that takes you back in time. Being this magical and opulent, it deserved a separate blog post of its own.

new york café budapest
beautiful new york café budapest

I didn’t know where to start when it comes to introducing Budapest to my blog because I feel like I have so much to say about this city. I figured introducing one of its landmark attractions would be the best start. In my head, Budapest will forever be this city filled with sumptuous buildings of bygone grandeur. It’s the city that made me daydream the most while walking down its streets. And New York Café Budapest is one of those stylish places.

new york café budapest building

On my last morning in Budapest, I headed over to New York Cafe Budapest. I left it for last because I wanted to come here first thing in the morning. I knew I would want to photograph every corner of it and that would be easier when it opens. The only guests during that hour and a half were a handful of couples and myself. While I’m sure it’s charming even when it’s bustling with people, I would recommend waking up early. Upon seeing this café empty, my imagination ran wild, picturing it back in its golden days.

Neo-Renaissance style, sparkling chandeliers, magnificent frescoes, gilded walls, and marble columns. Every single aspect of this café radiates with elegance, if not with extravagance! The New York Café first opened its doors back in 1894. The headquarters of the New York Life Insurance Company in Budapest built a café inside their building. And that’s how the New York Café Budapest got its name!

beautiful details at new york café budapest

I ordered a hot chocolate and the Somloi sponge cake. It felt like I was living out a moment in a movie. Opposite me, a musician was playing songs on the piano. It was such a cinematic moment! I sat there for longer than needed because I wanted to soak in the atmosphere of this magnificent place.

live piano music at new york café budapest

On the menu, you will find a few brunch options, a buffet breakfast, afternoon tea packages, and lots of cakes. If you decide to visit during busy hours, you should reserve a table because this place is always full. Otherwise, you can follow my example and just come at the opening hour when it’s empty! I would recommend ordering one of their famous decadent hot chocolates and a cake. They were both delicious!

new york café budapest

The New York Café Budapest exudes the timeless elegance of a world gone by. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you should definitely go! I know I’m definitely returning here when I come back to Budapest. How could I resist such a magnificent place? Lavish decor usually doesn’t make my heart beat faster but there’s just something about New York Café Budapest.

Is the New York Café Budapest worth visiting?

You might be wondering if visiting such a popular destination is worth it. The New York Café Budapest has a reputation for being the world’s most beautiful café as well as for being expensive. In a way, it’s true that you pay for the scenery on top of the food. But honestly, spending a bit more money feels worth it in a place like this. If nothing else, order a hot chocolate which will set you back by € 8.50 only.

The atmosphere of the old days can still be felt early in the morning. Starting the day with live piano music surrounded by all this splendor. And at the end of the day, how many places can you name where you can enjoy a warm drink in such a sophisticated interior? For that alone, I would recommend visiting New York Cafe Budapest. A cinematic experience unlike no other that transports you back in time. So treat yourself to this unforgettable escapade!

new york café budapest stairs
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