I never thought I would sleep under the stars in November. But that’s exactly what we did during our stay at Nids des Marais earlier this month. We decided to explore two Belgian provinces that week since it was our wedding anniversary. At the end of our road trip, we arrived at Nids des Marais. Situated in Ciney, in the province of Namur, this is a charming family project. Héloïse and Foulques moved to the countryside, renovated an old mill, and decided to create unique lodgings in the middle of nature. 

Nids des Marais, or Marsh Nests, are four unusual lodgings nestled next to the river. The Kiosque, The Sphere, The Dome, and The Bubble. The last one is closed during the winter but the other three are available to rent all year long. With electric blankets and a small heater, you’ll be warm and toasty at night. So you should be more than comfortable during the winter. Can you imagine how magical it must be to wake up to snow here? I can’t imagine a more enchanting winter morning!

le kiosque lodging at nids des marais

All the nests make for a unique romantic getaway, with ducks and frogs as your only neighbors! To mention some technicalities, both electricity and sanitary facilities are available at the lodgings. So you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of spending the night in nature! If you have some extra time, the owners can inform you about enjoyable walks in the area.

glamping bathroom at nids des marais

We spent the night in The Kiosque, a glass kiosk with its own little beach and wood fire. After dinner, we cozied up next to the fire. Despite being outside in the cold, we felt so warm and comfortable next to the flames. From there, we had a view of our bed at night, looking very inviting. The gentle lull of the stream helped us fall asleep that night. 

le kiosque lodging at nids des marais
le kiosque lodging at nids des marais

As we turned off the lights, I looked at the starry sky and didn’t want to go to sleep. I wanted to stay awake and look at the stars while listening to the soft stream. It felt picturesque and idyllic, as if we were cut off from the rest of the world. I woke up with the sun gently glistening through the trees. The reeds were pastel pink and covered in frost. Meanwhile, we were comfortably warm inside the bed.

view of the night sky from nids des marais

I found myself inspired by The Kiosque at night, at sunrise, and even at noon when the sun came out. It instantly warmed up the interior so that you forgot it was a November day! I loved that stepping stones make the path to the little beach. It’s obvious that the owners want to preserve this unique area while keeping its natural charm intact. In fact, the old mill they renovated currently provides electricity for the lodgings and their household. That’s pretty impressive!

Breakfast at Nids des Marais 

The following day, you will find your breakfast awaiting you under a little awning. The owners drop it off and ring the bell so that you know it’s ready. The breakfast features savory food as well as sweet pastries, fruits, and other local delicacies. So local that later that day, as we headed home, we quickly noticed the village where our delicious yogurts came from! Needless to say, the breakfast was appetizing and left us feeling full. It even included a flask of coffee, which made Grégory extremely happy!

woman having breakfast in bed at nids des marais
homemade local breakfast at nids des marais

The Sphere and The Dome

The Sphere is the latest addition to the nests, constructed this summer and extremely charming! It consists of a large dome and a little dining table annex. The wooden floorboards lead to your private beach where you can relax next to an open fire. Also, it’s the only lodging that offers an outdoor shower, which sounds like a fun thing to do on hot summer days! 

the sphere lodging at nids des marais

We got to snap a few photos of it and I really loved the new concept. In fact, my favorite part about Nids des Marais is that all the lodgings differ from one another! Each one boasts an original design and a unique location. For instance, The Dome is nestled in the middle of the marsh on a raised wooden terrace. A bridge leads you to it and you can enjoy a full view of your surroundings. You can enjoy your breakfast on the vintage terrace table or cozy up in the bed instead. 

the dome lodging at nids des marais

You can open the doors and enjoy the sunset, morning sun or simply listen to the marsh. If you want to sleep in, sleep masks are at your disposal. Personally, I preferred to soak it all in and let nature guide me. Waking up and seeing only nature around me put a smile on my face. It’s not often that I wake up and gaze at frosty reeds and gentle sunlight!

glamping bathroom at nids des marais

Looking back on it, I would genuinely recommend staying at Nids des Marais! I’m a bit biased so I would suggest The Kiosque but either of them would make for a unique stay. In fact, Nids des Marais also offers gift cards for all their lodgings, which would make for a unique Christmas gift! They’re valid for two years and you should think to book in advance because weekends get booked quickly, not to mention the summer months. 

Just imagine, sleeping under the stars and listening to the flow of the stream. Taking your time to unwind and enjoy the surrounding nature. Being lulled to sleep by the sounds of nature. Slowing down and immersing yourself in the serenity of these unique lodgings. It’s something we all need from time to time and Nids des Marais is the perfect place for that! 

woman sitting on the terrace of nids des marais
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