We ended 2021 in the dreamiest way possible with a small getaway right here in Belgium! Camping in a yurt for two nights, all thanks to Nomadsland. It’s hard to imagine such a thing exists in Wallonia. And it’s even more surprising when you see it for yourself! But first off, let me start from the beginning. Nomadsland is a unique micro-adventure project by Travelbase where you get to travel without leaving Belgium. And you will genuinely feel like you traveled abroad!

nomadsland camping in a yurt

Focusing on nature and adventure, Nomadsland is the perfect getaway close to home. In these unusual times, spending some time in nature, like a true nomad, seems like the ideal short holiday. You will find it next to Domaine de Massembre, close to the French border. Just another hidden gem of Wallonia!

nomadsland camping entrance and a yurt in the distance
nomadsland camping yurt interior

Upon arriving at Nomadsland, you will find two campsites connected by a forest road. Both of them have hot showers at your disposal, as well as beautifully decorated common areas. Inspired by desert camps, they immediately transported me to so many of my dream travel destinations in Africa!

I love our campsite because it has a beautiful tipi tent with dozens of cozy pillows scattered around. Basically, the perfect setting for a night among friends. And that’s one of the things I love about Nomadsland; you can book it together with your friends and experience this little adventure as a group. In fact, even dogs are welcome at Nomadsland!

This is the first time Nomadsland is open during the winter and I would honestly recommend it over summer! As long as you’re appropriately dressed for the season, you should be fine. After all, it’s an active and adventurous stay!

nomadsland camping in a yurt on a cloudy morning

You will also find a wood fire hot tub at each campsite that you can hop into as early as 5 PM and as late as 10 PM! I’ll admit it, this was one of my favorite parts of our stay. My first time in a hot tub was even better because it happened during winter! After enjoying the hot water, I would sit on the side and relish in the gentle cold wind. Normally, I prefer showers to baths so spending so much time in the water was unusual for me. But I adored every second of it!

Camping in a yurt

The yurts are modeled after genuine Mongolian yurts so they can definitely survive the Belgian winters. I can tell you that it never felt like we were waking up to the December cold! The thick covers and cozy blankets kept us perfectly comfortable every night. Each yurt has a wood fire that you can start yourself, with all the necessary materials. You’re all set for a cozy night of camping inside a yurt at Nomadsland!

nomadsland camping and a yurt door
nomadsland camping in a yurt interior

To mention some practical aspects, each yurt is so perfectly equipped for a stay in nature that you won’t need to bring much with you. All the yurts have a dry toilet next to them and you can brush your teeth in the hot shower area. You can use the bio-degradable soap that is always available there. Nomadsland is in a Natura 2000 protection area, hence why you shouldn’t use any chemicals.

nomadsland yurt camping in nature

Amazing activities at Nomadsland

During your stay at Nomadsland, you can choose between many different activities. You can relax in a hot tub or a sauna, both of which have wood stoves that you heat up by making a fire. However, that’s not something you have to worry about. Nomadsland rangers always properly heat up the hot tub in the afternoon so that it’s all ready for you!

There are also group activities, such as morning yoga and meditation and a bread-baking class. And I should mention, all of these activities are included when you book your stay. In the common areas, you will find board games if that’s your sort of thing. In the end, you can just head out and explore the woods surrounding you. You’ll even encounter some cute animals nearby!

Breakfast and dinner at Nomadsland

If you don’t wish to bother with meals, you can choose breakfast and dinner packages while booking your stay. The yurts have a small refrigerator for food storage, as well as a gas cooking stove. If you’re into cooking, you have all the equipment you need for preparing the meals yourself!

nomadsland camping in a yurt

Camping in a yurt at Nomadsland was such an amazing experience. It was a holiday of exciting and serene moments. And I couldn’t recommend it enough as a unique holiday! On our last morning, we woke up to a stunning sunrise. Streaks of pastel pink and orange colors decorated the sky. It was the most magical ending to our stay!

If this inspired you to experience this adventure for yourself, you can book a yurt right here. And if you wish to know more about Travelbase and all the various trips they propose, click here and let yourself be inspired!

nomadsland camping and a yurt doorway
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