Let me tell you all about Nutchel and their cozy cabin village in Alsace. We were lucky enough to spend a relaxing weekend in one of their lodgings. Also, aside from Alsace, Nutchel also has a domain in the Belgian Ardennes. We fell in love with the region of Alsace last summer so it was a delight to return!

nutchel cabin in the woods

The Alsace cabin village opened its doors last autumn. You will find six different cabin designs tucked in the woods. They’re all perfectly spaced out between the trees so privacy won’t be a concern. The cabins differ in size and amenities so the prices vary. We both loved the idea of booking a cabin together with friends and spending a lovely weekend in the forest! Nutchel actively encourages creativity in both adults and children through various mediums and prompts.

We arrived at our cabin around 8 PM, after a long car drive. Lucky us, we were staying in the classic cabin with a hot tub. And you might have noticed from one recent post that hot tubs are my new favorite place to relax during winter! With a comfortable temperature of 38°, you’ll find yourself wanting to hop inside at any hour of the day!

Our cabin can technically host up to six people. The sleeping area is really three sleeping nooks placed on three different levels. Decorated with fairy lights and lanterns, they’re extremely inviting in the evenings. And you’ll be warm and comfortable at night in your little sleeping alcove! The bed covers will keep you snug and toasty!

sleeping nook at nutchel cabin

Right next to the sleeping area is a small but beautiful bathroom. The shower has hot water and with its square wooden form, it can also function as a big bathtub. Together with a sink and a toilet, it’s perfectly furnished. I really loved the weathered wooden planks that adorn its walls. In fact, the overall wood finish of the cabin’s interior and exterior was gorgeous!

wooden bathroom at nutchel cabin
running shower in nutchel bathroom

The first place you’ll visit at Nutchel will be the Cosy Chalet. The helpful staff at the reception desk is at your disposal twice a day. And right next to it you’ll find the common area, which is probably where we spent the most time! Filled with every imaginable board game, it’s the perfect place for winding down. There is coffee and tea We discovered so many new board games. Some of the games we played included Parks, Carcassonne, iKnow, Patchwork, and Takenoko.

Food at Nutchel

The living room area in the cabin includes a fully equipped kitchen. Depending on what you want to cook, you will need to bring salt, pepper, and oil. But you will have every possible pan or pot at your hand, as well as a gas stove. Nutchel opted for a more ecological approach and chose not to have dozens of fridges in the cabin village. Instead of a refrigerator, each cabin has a cool box that you can fill with reusable freezer ice packs.

Nutchel also offers a barbecue that you can order for dinner or lunch. You can also order a seasonal Munster cheese basket, which is a local delicacy. Obviously, both of these dishes are available in a vegetarian option! On the evening of our arrival, we got to enjoy melted Munster cheese with thyme and honey. It was served with a carrot salad and spätzle, which were both delicious!

Naturally, breakfast is also available to order, while booking your cabin online or during your stay. You can choose between a sweet, savory, or healthy breakfast option. I should also add that both breakfast and barbecue are available in portions for children! We enjoyed a sweet and savory breakfast, which was filled with regional food. Streusel, malicette (salty Alsatian bagel), and artisanal rhubarb jam. We couldn’t resist buying some local jams, yogurts, Alsace wine, and spätzle to take back home with us. We tasted both the yogurts and the jams while still at Nutchel because we were too impatient!

local breakfast at nutchel cabin

Nutchel cabin

One of my favorite aspects about our cabin at Nutchel was how close to nature you feel. The big steel window provides a splendid view of the woods. Looking out onto the surrounding nature was calming and meditative. The first thing we noticed as we parked our car was the clear night sky. Belgium is a small country with too much light pollution and it’s very hard to find a good spot for stargazing, even inside natural parks. I’m not exaggerating when I say that we could see the Milky Way after just a few seconds of looking up. We couldn’t stop marveling at the beautiful night sky. Nutchel actually has a designated stargazing bench on the outskirts of the forest village. I can just picture curling up there with a blanket in the middle of summer!

nutchel cabin interior at sunrise
woman relaxing inside the nutchel cabin

I love Nutchel’s philosophy to disconnect from the Internet in order to reconnect with ourselves and nature. In a way, you’re back to basics. You have to start your own fire, at nighttime, the only source of light is the lanterns and fairy lights. However, you also have a gas stove and a hot water shower so you’ll definitely be comfortable. And starting the fire has never been easier! By now, we’ve stayed at many lodgings where we had to start our own fire and Nutchel definitely wins this one. We always got it right from the first try and it never took more than 2 minutes!

cozy fireplace at nutchel cabin

We got lucky and enjoyed so much sunshine during our stay at Nutchel. This meant that after starting the morning fire, there was no need for more heating. The wide window lets in so much sun which instantly warms up the little house. My favorite was the beautiful rays of sunlight peeking through the window each morning!

morning sunshine in the nutchel kitchen

If all this wasn’t enough to convince you to book a cabin at Nutchel, they also invest 15% of their profits towards reforestation projects. How amazing is that! In fact, building the cabins didn’t have a negative effect on the surrounding woods. They don’t have a foundation and are instead placed on steel studs. Overall, Nutchel is the perfect nature escape for couples and friends. We were instantly tempted to book it for our anniversary! Maybe in the Belgian Ardennes in order to discover another Nutchel cabin village!

nutchel cabin village in alsace
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