As it always does, October slipped right past us. But that doesn’t worry me because autumn is only starting here! Even today, as I walked down the forest with Miles, I saw a plethora of green branches. Even though I knew leaves changing colors would be slow, I still went out every single day during October. Miles always needs some frisbee playtime or a simple walk so I had the perfect excuse to go out. I spotted certain trees turning golden and completely losing all of their leaves before mid-October arrived!

Autumn leaves during October

First up on our schedule this month was a short stay at an eco-house Airbnb for our anniversary. As I’ve mentioned in the blog post, we wished to experience something we hope to turn into reality for our future home. And it didn’t disappoint! If anything, it only encouraged us even more. That same weekend, the rain was incessant so we didn’t spend too much time outside. We did go out with Miles and some curious cows wanted to say hi to him. I always find it adorable to see them being so friendly toward our dog!

Mushrooms during October

The following week, I rewatched It Happened One Night at my favorite cinema nearby. Since I live too far to visit CINEMATEK as often as I would like to, I take what I can get at Grignoux. It Happened One Night is the very first screwball comedy ever made, which you can read more about here. And somehow, I had only ever seen it once. So rewatching it this month felt magical. As classical movies always do for me, to be honest. That same weekend, we went out in search of some autumnal trees. The weather was pleasantly warm so we shot a few autumnal photos.

Girl reaching up for autumn leaves

This month, I baked my first autumnal pastry. It included pears since we had more than we could eat. I had never tried baking anything with them so I was relieved when I took the pear cinnamon tart out of the oven. It smelled divine and tasted even more delicious. Needless to say, it disappeared in under 24 hours. Which is probably the reason why I don’t allow myself to bake too often. It’s hard to resist pie after every single meal! Next month, I’m looking forward to baking with apples and maybe pumpkin, for the first time ever. Shockingly enough, I have only tried savory dishes with pumpkin, never something like a pie. I suppose it’s high time to remedy that!

Somehow, we packed the last weekend of October full of events. We had plans for Saturday only but then we also went on a little impromptu road trip the following day. And before we knew it, the weekend was over! Be that as it may, I found it inspiring. And full of adventures and new experiences. To start off, we visited the Open Air Museum in Bokrijk on Saturday. Now, I don’t want to share too much because this place deserves a blog post of its own. It was unique, breathtaking, and interesting and the day ended with us having a very late but scrumptious lunch.

Girl in a dress next to an old farm during autumn

And then we set up our alarms for 4:15 AM. We met up with friends and drove to Germany. To be more precise, our destination was the Geierlay Bridge. Two years ago, when Grégory and I visited the Eltz castle, we tried to stop by this same bridge. But that sunny weekend, there were too many people and not enough parking spots, not to mention how tired we were after the castle. So we left it for another time. And that time came last Sunday when we walked over to it at 7 AM. It was foggy, we knew the rain was coming but we still enjoyed it for a full hour. Crossing the impressive-looking bridge, taking many photos, and just having fun. Conveniently enough, the rain started once we headed back for the car. I was never happier about hot chocolate and delicious croissants than after that torrential rain.

Geierlay bridge in Germany during October
View of a foggy morning in October from a car

Of course, the following days were perfectly sunny and October ended on a sunny note. I just hope there won’t be too much rain over the next week because that’s usually the golden week of autumn here in Belgium! Regarding October, I loved its subtle changes and stronger hints of autumn. I spent a big portion of it reading books in French meant for 12-year-olds which took me back to my childhood memories. And this weekend, I plan on continuing down that path by starting the Harry Potter series all over again. What better book to accompany the coziest time of the year? I can never decide between October and November so let’s just say I’m equally excited about the upcoming month!

Autumn leaves during October
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