One of my biggest dreams came true at the end of May. All thanks to a one-night stay at the l’Oisellerie hotel. It’s the most enchanting boutique hotel situated right in the heart of Angers. Situated inside a 16th-century half-timbered house, this place is pure magic. Those two days in Angers will always feel a bit more magical thanks to this dreamy boarding house.

room in oisellerie hotel
bath at oisellerie hotel angers

Ever since I first saw half-timbered houses, I wanted to see their interiors. I was dying to see what was behind those crooked wooden beams! It fascinated me that those houses were still standing after hundreds of years. But most of all, I wanted to know what the interiors look like.

This narrow half-timbered house has three floors. The wood-beam ceilings make every room feel incredibly cozy and inviting. The owners Marlène and Johanna poured their hearts into this project. Two natives of Angers, they quit their jobs and bought this historical building. After restoring it back to its former glory, they finally opened this unique B&B.

There are five rooms available to rent at the l’Oisellerie hotel, each of them unique. I spent the night in Les inséparables, a room with a beautiful view of the palace across the street. Since the building is in the center of Angers, it might get noisy at night. For that reason, the hotel provides earplugs for all guests. To be on the safe side, I used mine and had a heavenly night of sleep. I didn’t hear a peep all night long and almost overslept my alarm the next morning!

I have to emphasize that this was the most comfortable bed I ever slept in. Another reason why I can’t wait to return here one day. Also because l’Oisellerie is one of the dreamiest accommodations I ever spent the night in! I can just imagine lazy mornings spent in bed. Angers is a tempting reason to venture outside with its numerous half-timbered houses. But let’s face it, this comfy and snug bed was made for lazy lounging!

le nid room at oisellerie hotel in angers

My bedroom also had a gorgeous stone fireplace and a freestanding bath. I came back to my room rather late and had to get up early. Despite that, it was impossible to say no to a long and relaxing bath. I also enjoyed a direct view of the stunning Tau Palace, formerly the Bishop’s Palace.

bath at oisellerie hotel in angers

Vanessa slept in the bedroom Le Nid, situated on the top floor. As its name suggests, it’s a cozy nest enveloped in wooden beams. It’s hard to pick a favorite among the five unique bedrooms. Each of them has a distinctive room design and something that makes it stand out. You’ll also find a little shop on the ground floor, filled with various handmade local goodies.

woman at oisellerie hotel in angers

Breakfast at l’Oisellerie hotel

Being a bed & breakfast, l’Oisellerie offers a delicious homemade breakfast. Honestly, it’s a genuine feast and I regretted we had to hurry off that morning. There’s everything you might possibly need and more. We woke up to the smell of freshly baked cake for breakfast! It’s also possible to order breakfast in your room as a special request.

breakfast at oisellerie hotel angers
breakfast at oisellerie hotel angers

Overall, there are only upsides to this boutique hotel. The location is fantastic, the historical building is beyond gorgeous, and the service is impeccable. L’Oisellerie feels more than just a hotel stay. It’s an experience, one that transports you back in time.

pretty room at oisellerie boutique hotel in angers

I already know I’ll return to the l’Oisellerie hotel one day. A one-night stay was never going to be enough. Full of character, history, and charm, it’s my kind of hotel stay. Romantic and escapist, it makes for a perfect couples’ getaway. Honestly, you can’t track down a better hotel in all of Angers. You’ll find yourself under a spell, wishing you could stay longer in this sublime hotel. On the whole, I wholeheartedly recommend staying at l’Oisellerie!

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