During my trip through Andalusia, between stunning Seville and popular Malaga, it was the enchanting Cordoba that stole my heart away. The smallest of the three cities we visited, it’s still fairly big. However, it has a specific atmosphere to it. Certain streets make you feel like you’re lost in a tiny Andalusian village.

woman walking through cordoba
moorish inspired architecture in cordoba

Ever since I first learned about the influences of Moorish architecture in Spain, I have been dying to visit Andalusia. The south of Spain is overflowing with examples of Moorish-inspired buildings. And this whirlwind trip with my friend satisfied my curiosity. But Cordoba caught me completely off guard. There were times when I felt like I was in Morocco instead of Spain!

We spent the entire day walking through the old town of Cordoba. Window shopping the numerous stores lined with Andalusian ceramics. We were here for one night and I had already started regretting that we didn’t have more time. I would have loved to spend another night in Cordoba and soak in its special atmosphere.

palacio del corregidor cordoba

Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

One of the most beautiful places in Cordoba is the Mosque-Cathedral. This one-of-a-kind building houses a Christian church inside an Islamic mosque. And it is simply breathtaking! I knew from the start that I needed to visit this remarkable place. It’s a magnificent monument to two religions that defined Andalusia. With such a convoluted history, it’s a downright miracle that the Renaissance church was added to the mosque without demolishing it. On top of that, numerous Catholic chapels run alongside the perimeter of the Mosque.

arches of the mosque-cathedral in cordoba
mosque-cathedral in cordoba

The mosque is most famous for its double-arched columns running through the main hall. We spent an hour and a half inside, wandering separately. I was mesmerized and inspired by every detail of this place. In short, the Mosque-Cathedral is a masterpiece and a must-see when in Cordoba! You can also climb up the bell tower next to it for a view of the mosque.

I have to say that even without the main attractions, Cordoba is an impressive city. It’s got an understated beauty about it. With places such as Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs and Palacio de Viana, there is so much to see. The fascinating Jewish Quarter is worth exploring for hours! And don’t forget the popular Calleja de las Flores, where flower pots decorate the walls of houses. An endless array of magnificent buildings lined with balconies and vibrant flowers.

Where to eat

Tea Room (Salón de Té), Calle Buen Pastor, 13, Córdoba

Inadvertently, we chose the Tea Room (Salón de Té) as our lunch spot that day. First off, the interior is gorgeous. It feels like stepping into a Moroccan house with an inner courtyard. There are two rooms connected to the courtyard, both beautifully decorated. The Moroccan lamps, vibrant colors, distinctive wood carvings, everything looks straight out of Morocco.

You can enjoy some food or sit down for drinks only. You’ll find many appetizing dishes on the menu, including falafels, couscous, tajine, and more. I chose falafels and hummus and found them utterly delicious. And the portions are quite generous!

For a spectacular view of Cordoba, climb up to Torre de Calahorra. For €4.50, you can also check out the little museum inside as well as gaze across the city. You get a perfect view of the Roman Bridge of Cordoba and the old town behind it. We got up there right in time, just as it was about to close. And then we sat down and watched the world go by while the sun slowly set and night settled in over beautiful Cordoba.

view of the roman bridge of cordoba

Another unforgettable aspect of our stay in Cordoba was our accommodation. Situated inside a 15th-century palace with a magical courtyard, I found it so inspiring. We booked it straightaway upon seeing photos of it despite the fact that it’s a 1-star hotel. So I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it because it wasn’t the comfiest accommodation. However, it sure takes the prize of the dreamiest one!

Looking back on it, one day in Cordoba could be enough for you. However, I find myself missing it like crazy. I know I’ll be back because I didn’t get to see everything. Mostly because I happened to be there on a Monday when certain places are closed. Seemingly small but actually impressive, Cordoba should absolutely be on your radar too.

art nouveau building in cordoba

I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of a city that will forever be among my favorite places in Spain! I genuinely can’t wait to be back in Cordoba. Our trip was a swift one and there were a lot of places we had to leave out. All that despite the fact that I’ve always found Andalusia to be the most intriguing Spanish region. But I’m certain I’ll be back someday soon and once again, wander through the maze of medieval streets in Cordoba.

cordoba plaza de la corredera
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