Back in July, before spending two nights in Utrecht, I spent one full day in Delft. It was my first time visiting Jan Vermeer’s birthplace and I loved this cute quiet city. I decided to stop by Delft to meet a friend who lives there. And I was so glad I did, for so many reasons!

canals in delft

I had always wanted to visit this quaint city, mostly because Jan Vermeer was one of my favorite painters during my studies. So naturally, I wanted to see his birthplace with my own eyes. Having had no expectations of it, Delft took me by surprise and delighted me!

main square in delft

In general, Delft is most famous for its ceramic Delft Blue pottery. Also known as Delftware, it’s mostly blue and white pottery. Easily recognizable today, Delft was its main center of production in the 17th century. I didn’t have enough time to visit the Royal Delft Museum and see it for myself. Just another reason to come back, I suppose!

cute canal houses in delft

The city feels like a mini Amsterdam, full of charm. With its quiet streets, medieval houses, and canals filled with water lilies, Delft is a true delight! We walked through the city to no end, only stopping once for drinks. My friend showed me her favorite corners of Delft and more. The city won me over fairly quickly!

The main square is immense and dominated by the gorgeous City Hall building. It was rebuilt in a Renaissance style after a fire in the 17th century. It’s quite the stunner, overshadowing the cute houses surrounding it. Overall, the historic center of Delft is gorgeous and you should explore it in detail. It’s rather compact which means you can easily see everything on foot!

city hall in delft

Another famous landmark in Delft, the Oude Kerk is famous for its leaning tower. It’s impossible to miss it because the 75m tall tower rises above the many canals of Delft. There is also Nieuwe Kerk, a Gothic church on the main square. You can also climb the 376 steps leading up to the tower for a marvelous view of the city!

Aside from churches and cute canal houses, Delft has many other historical buildings. Prinsenhof is one of those hidden places you might miss. The picturesque garden surrounded by cute 15th-century buildings is the perfect place to relax. I can imagine sitting there with a book on a sunny day and getting distracted by the beautiful surroundings.

prinsenhof garden in delft

When choosing a place for dinner, I blindly trusted the locals. My friends took me to HANNO – Groots Café, a place with a unique concept of dining. With an ever-changing menu, they offer local dishes from all over the world. Similar to tapas, we got to share dishes from Romania, China, Mexico, and South Korea. It was delicious, interesting, and filled with surprises!

While I loved this short trip to Delft, I instantly knew that I have to return here. For more museum visits, for more views of the city, for more walks alongside the canal. Autumn would be the best season for that because I can just picture how charming those canals lined with golden trees would look!

Either way, I know I’ll be back in Delft and I wholeheartedly recommend that you visit it as well. I’m sure its many canals lined with little gingerbread houses will delight you. One of the calmest cities in the Netherlands, Delft seems like a lovely place to live in. One day was never going to be enough time to discover it. See you next year, you enchanting little town!

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