Back in July, I attended a friend’s wedding in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the middle of nowhere. It involved long bus rides and a few car rides. Knowing how complicated a return trip through Croatia would be, I decided to spend two nights in Split. I had never visited before, despite studying not far away from it. But as interested as I was in Split, I knew from the start that I wanted to spend one day in Trogir. Only a 30-minute bus ride away, it’s the perfect day trip from Split. A small but beautiful historic town, I had an amazing time in Trogir!

Despite the extremely high temperature that day, I loved getting lost in its many narrow streets. Adorned with balconies, flowers, or Venetian-inspired windows, they all looked so quaint. I think I walked down every street twice during my short visit. That’s how tiny the old town is – you can come over for the day and leave before nightfall. I spent about 8 hours wandering through Trogir, only because I didn’t want to miss out on anything with my camera.

The historic city of Trogir is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. A medieval city that features a unique mix of Romanesque, Renaissance, and baroque architecture. In fact, Trogir is the most well-preserved medieval town not only in Croatia but in all of Central Europe! However, its beginnings go all the way back to ancient times, when it was founded as a Greek colony. With historical influences from Greece, Rome, and Venice, Trogir became a unique town.

venetian architecture in trogir, croatia

The Romanesque cathedral of Saint Lawrence in Trogir is one of the city’s most popular sites. The imposing west portal dates back to 1240 and is a genuine masterpiece. I can certainly recall talking about it for hours back in college so I won’t bother you with the details. I’ll just point out that a local sculptor Radovan carved the most significant work of that kind in Croatia. And don’t forget to check out the cathedral sacristy!

radovan portal of saint lawrence cathedral in trogir
st lawrence cathedral and sacristy in trogir

You’ll find the best viewpoint in Trogir right here, at the top of the bell tower. Another thing you shouldn’t forget while visiting the cathedral and the belfry is wearing the appropriate clothes. Since this is a Roman Catholic church, the shoulders and the knees need to be covered. Overall, I have to admit that the 4€ entry is definitely worth the price.

view of ciovo and the trogir bell tower stairs

From the bell tower, you can also get a better view of the Ćipiko Palace, a beautiful Venetian Gothic mansion. Dating back to the 15th century, it was the private residence of the prominent Ćipiko family. But it’s the 360° view that looks marvelous from every angle. The mosaic of orange rooftops visible from the viewpoint mingles with the azure blue of the sea.

cipiko palace and view of trogir
a view of ciovo and trogir from the bell tower

Walking down the streets of Trogir is like visiting an open museum. The blend of Romanesque, Renaissance and baroque structures scattered throughout the city looks marvelous. The rich cultural heritage surrounding you is palpable. Personally, it felt like I was getting lost inside a labyrinth of narrow medieval streets!

It’s impossible to miss the waterfront in Trogir. You can take a lovely stroll under the palm trees and enjoy the views of Čiovo, an island right across from Trogir. At the end of the waterfront, you’ll find the castle and fortress Kamerlengo. And alongside it, many anchored boats and even more people swimming in the sea!

palm trees waterfront in trogir
kamerlengo castle and fortress in trogir

I made sure to arrive in Trogir early in the morning, around 8 AM. It was July so a few hours later, the streets had already filled up with people. However, the crowds were much smaller than in Split. Despite all that, I think the best time to visit Trogir would be during the shoulder season. May and June or September and October are months when the weather is far more agreeable and the tourist crowds are barely present.

Ultimately, this one-day trip from Split was an absolute delight. In fact, if you’re hesitating between Split and Trogir, I would sooner recommend the latter one. A charming medieval town, while still a popular destination, it’s much calmer than Split. Soak in the picturesque city center and its stone architecture and lose yourself in Trogir for a day!

view of trogir
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