Even though autumn has already departed us, I wanted to go back to it one last time. Specifically, to the end of October when we returned to Aux Quatre Bonniers. You can read more about our first visit in this blog post. After the charming Georges Simenon room, this time we stayed at the Victor Hugo suite. And once again, Katleen was an excellent host that made our visit lovely and relaxing. Since it was our second visit, the B&B felt even more familiar so we explored it freely!

Sunshine breaking in through the breakfast room during our return visit to Aux Quatre Bonniers.

First up, onto my new favorite place at Aux Quatre Bonniers, the winter garden! Generally speaking, I have a soft spot for these charming structures. And I know, they’re impractical and hard to warm up, what with having windows for walls. But that’s exactly why I can’t resist them. Having nature around you and looking onto the trees while reading a book.

The winter garden at Aux Quatre Bonniers went through a renovation but it still retains an old-fashioned charm to it. The glass and iron structure is marvelous, while the main door covered in wisteria immediately catches your eye. It must look charming in the spring with those lilac flowers framing it but it was nothing short of gorgeous when we visited. The grapevines were golden with the morning sun breaking through the trees outside. I could definitely see myself spending hours with a book on any of those comfortable seats!

Woman sitting under golden leaves in a winter garden after returning to Aux Quatre Bonniers.
Entrance to the winter garden during our return to Aux Quatre Bonniers.

After that sun-filled visit to the winter garden, it was time for breakfast! Once again, we delighted in savory and sweet treats, either homemade or local. It always feels like a feast, with the food being brought out in phases. Like a neverending breakfast, it’s amazing! The hearty breakfast kept us satisfied for quite a while.

Returning to Aux Quatre Bonnier for another delicious homemade breakfast, plates filled with savory and sweet treats.

Victor Hugo suite

I chose the Victor Hugo suite for our return to Aux Quatre Bonniers because of its charm. The room looks onto the front facade so we got to enjoy different views, which I made sure to photograph. I must admit that the burgundy velvet sofa made for an inspiring photo spot! Unlike the first time, this visit to Aux Quatre Bonniers was cheerily sunny so getting interior photos was less of a hassle. The sun only emphasized autumn’s beauty while the wind carried the leaves away. This place truly makes you slow down and notice nature.

Returning to Aux Quatre Bonniers in the Victor Hugo Suite, with a stack of books and vintage lamp on a table.
View of the antique street light from the window of Aux Quatre Bonniers.

Alexandre Dumas suite

Right after arriving at the B&B, we got to see the room across from ours. The Alexandre Dumas suite is the last remaining room inside the house. A small hallway leads to the bedroom on the left and finally, to the bathroom. The latter one has both a Victorian-style bathtub and a sauna to enjoy!


Finally, after our fulfilling breakfast, the owners kindly showed us the very last room called Atelier. Since it wasn’t occupied at the moment, we got to explore its charming little space. With a separate entrance, Atelier is a charming two-level studio. Above the kitchen and living area, you will find steps leading to the mezzanine. In front of the bedroom door, there is a separate bed so, in total, it can accommodate three people. Also, this is the only room where it is permitted to bring your pet along with you. The other rooms inside the house have original wooden floors that require care and protection. I found it to be a charming place to escape to because you have all equipment necessary for a longer stay that includes relaxing and cooking your own meals!

Coming back to Aux Quatre Bonniers

During these colder months, I always daydream of long hikes in the gloomy and foggy afternoon, maybe even getting caught in a bit of rain. Followed by a lovely hot bath and then sipping on hot chocolate in front of the fire. This is how our Saturdays often look like during the cold months and returning to Aux Quatre Bonniers made me daydream about it again. It genuinely feels like a home away from home. Comfortable, cozy, and snug.

Returning to Aux Quatre Bonniers with a stack of books, tea and biscuits on the table in front of the fire.

This was close to how our first night looked like, minus the hike. We snuggled up in front of the fire once again, with tea and Sablé cookies we fell in love with while visiting Normandy and Brittany. Soon after, a little ball of fluff joined us on the sofa. It was the owners’ 5-year-old cat called Nora who kept asking for cuddles! Overall, our second visit to Aux Quatre Bonniers was equally dreamy. In part because autumn was in full swing but also because it was to be expected. After our first visit, we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed upon our return. Until next time, Aux Quatre Bonniers, maybe one day during springtime!

Returning to Aux Quatre Bonniers and relaxing in front of the fire with a stack of books.
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