The beginning of September was quite exciting this year because we got a new Sigma 50mm lens. We were anxious to try it out so the very first weekend, we headed to the forest. Heather was just coming into bloom so we found many purple patches. And the new lens didn’t disappoint. The more we shot with, tried out different focal lengths, shot different subjects, the more we loved it! In fact, the new lens inspired me to shoot more than I usually do during September.

Heather patch blooming in September

Since living in Belgium, September has become a transitional month for me. I get excited about autumn but normally, I only see small hints of it. The end of October and beginning of November is autumn’s prime time here. But I’m still on the lookout for the smallest inkling of autumn. And getting familiar with this new lens helped with that. For the first time since writing these monthly posts, I can’t complain about lacking photos for the September blog post!

Labrador in the forest during September

Our routine first hike of the month ended horribly. Halfway through, torrential rain started pouring down and didn’t stop for the last 2 km. So we ran downhill in the pouring rain and got back home completely muddy and wet. I never actually mind something like that because the aftermath feels so cozy. Plus, it was fun, in a weird way! Not long after, we attended a mushroom walk with a local expert. While there weren’t that many to be found yet, it was fun to learn what mushrooms to pick and how to recognize them.

That same day, we drove to Robertville and walked around the lake. We took some photos and kept marveling at how quiet and peaceful it felt on this warm Sunday afternoon. The walk amounted to 6 km and felt like one of those last warm days of summer. It was unexpectedly idyllic! The photos we took were for my collaboration with Magic Linen, which I’ll talk about more in a separate post. And to top it all of, we saw a baby fox in a meadow! It was an afternoon to remember and we vowed to return when the leaves change colors.

Girl reading by the lake on a warm September afternoon

And finally, the thing I was most looking forward to all September long! We went apple picking in Neufchâteau, Dalhem and had so much fun. This year, we even brought back home some pears as well. I think I might devote an entire blog post to it because we took so many photos. That morning was also surprisingly sunny and warm. Simply for the sake of easier photo editing, I’m always hoping for overcast weather during apple picking!

Girl picking apples in September

As it usually does, September flew by. But I don’t consider it a bad thing because autumn was barely noticeable. I can literally count the trees that changed colors on the fingers of one hand only! The aforementioned warm weather took a sharp turn during the last week of September. The occasional rain accompanied the predominant clouds. I still go out with Miles every day though, even if it rains and I love how cozy it’s been lately. But the best is yet to come. I’m ready for you, beautiful October!

Horse-chestnut tree changing colors in September
Girl reading by the lake on a warm September afternoon
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