I was yearning for a cold autumn day in Bruges and long walks through the canals. A cozy cafe with a hot chocolate next to me and my notebook in front of me. And the view through the window would be that of a beautiful medieval city swept in autumn beauty.

Bruges, Belgium
Unfortunately for me, the reality looked a lot sunnier. Which normally isn’t a bad thing, but in this particular case, I felt a bit disappointed. In my hectic schedule, I chose the wrong date to come here.

Nonetheless, I spent a great day along the canals and even discovered a new street. I was delighted to get acquainted with some new corners of Bruges.

Bruges, Belgium

Seeing the last of autumn leaves still holding on to trees, I said goodbye to autumn as I walked along the canals.

Bruges, Belgium
Rozenhoedkaai, Bruges

Bruges’ famous chocolate

Honestly, what’s a visit to any Belgian city without chocolate? So this time, I stopped by Le Comptoir de Mathilde and stocked up on spéculoos chocolate. I was completely unfamiliar with spéculoos prior to moving here, in fact I had never even heard of it. And now I’m guilty for absolutely adoring this chocolate!

Le Comptoir de Mathilde, Bruges

Even the trucks are filled with chocolates!

De Medici

And finally, not to forget a café suggestion, this time I introduce you to De Medici, a two-floor café and pastry shop that couldn’t look more inviting during this Christmastime. What I love most about it is when I order a hot chocolate, it arrives in a vintage coffee pot but here’s what makes it so special. The handle actually has its own mitten in order to protect your fingers from getting burnt. I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of mittens for coffee pot handles!

All things considered, Bruges was a charmer (as per usual) despite my odd desire for an overcast day and I hope these photos get you daydreaming about this unforgettable city!

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