Having visited Bruges many times, I also discovered plenty of tea rooms scattered throughout the city. Since I usually visit Bruges for a day only, all I’m looking for is a place where I can enjoy some tea and cake. That being said, in most tea rooms, you can also have full meals. Depending on your visiting time, most of these places tend to get crowded so reservations might become necessary. I must tell you that the only time Bruges is not overcrowded and rushed is actually this time of the year. So if you don’t mind the cold winds but care about being left alone, go and visit Bruges during January!

The Old Chocolate House

Mariastraat 1a, 8000 Brugge

If I had to recommend one place in Bruges for the best hot chocolate, my answer would definitely be The Old Chocolate House. Situated inside one of those gingerbread houses you see in Bruges, they have a marvelous hot chocolate menu. And best of all, you’re not ordering your usual mug of hot chocolate. You get a bowl of hot milk accompanied by your chocolate of choice and a little whisk! After two visits, I can’t wait to return and try more hot chocolate flavors!

old stained glass window inside a tea room

bowls of hot milk and chocolate cupcakes on a tray to melt


Muntpoort 8, 8000 Bruges

The first time I ever visited Bruges, Grégory and I enjoyed some homemade hot chocolate at Merveilleux. It’s probably not that hard to win me over with some hot chocolate but it’s even easier when it’s this good. Back then I didn’t get a chance to photograph the interior but I can tell you it’s extremely cozy and inviting. Plus, the alley where it’s located in is a treat to see.

Tea Rooms in Bruges

Tea Rooms in Bruges


Jan van Eyckplein 7, 8000 Bruges

When you’re visiting Blackbird, it’s really hard to choose whether to sit in their beautiful interior or on the small terrace bathed in sunlight. I remember we tried both options while having our tea from these beautiful teapots. This tea room is situated right next to the canals but not too close to the centre so it’s relatively quiet.

tea rooms in Bruges

Books & Brunch

Garenmarkt 30, 8000 Bruges

My newest discovery, Books & Brunch might also be my favorite one so far. Walls lined with books, you can come here for breakfast or simply sit down for some tea. And if you happen to like one of the books from the endless shelves, you can purchase it! This place is specifically brunch and breakfast oriented so be aware that they close as early as 3pm.

Tea Rooms in Bruges

I hope my list of favorite tea rooms in Bruges has inspired you to visit some of them. Or let me know what are some of your favorite places for drinks in Bruges!

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