Continuing on with the series about slow fashion, today I will be talking about TwoLINEN. A small company from Lithuania headed by Edita, they are proud supporters of slow and sustainable fashion. Instead of buying endless amounts of material, they purchase leftovers from the warehouse. This is their way of not wanting to contribute to the ever-growing waste of the fashion industry. Consequently, each garment is basically limited edition. While they can reproduce the design anew, materials and colors will change, resulting in unique clothing.

Girl with a straw hat wearing a TwoLINEN puff-sleeved dress in a field of blue wildflowers

The garments I chose to photograph were the kimono robe and the puff-sleeved dress. To start with the robe, it feels like the coziest garment ever. Perfect for donning on a lazy day, it also works as a kimono jacket for everyday wear. Being next to the lake, I styled it with an Edwardian slip dress. A perfect pairing for a peaceful respite by the lake. Needless to say, the material is soft, while the product feels high-quality. And I adore the autumnal shade of the robe!

A girl wearing a TwoLINEN kimono robe next to a lake
Close up shot of a girl wearing a TwoLINEN kimono robe next to a lake

And now onto my favorite from TwoLINEN, the puff-sleeved dress! Generally speaking, I adore puff sleeves in Victorian and Edwardian clothing, and most notably during the period of late 1930s and early 1940s. Very specific, I know! So naturally, I’m very picky about what kind of puff sleeves I like since they have to be reminiscent of one of these periods. And in short, these ones are absolutely perfect! Very flattering and just the right size and length.

Close up shot of a girl wearing a TwoLINEN puff-sleeved linen dress in a field of blue wildflowers

Not only does the dress look amazing on its own but it also layers perfectly. I have worn it under my pinafore dresses and I adore the overall look! I rather wish there was a top version of this dress, I think I would want it in every color! Seriously though, there’s nothing I like more than dresses that work as both a dress and a top. You get to combine different garments in your closet you would never think of pairing together. And we all know “shopping” your own closet is both clever and practical!

Close up shot of a girl wearing a TwoLINEN puff-sleeved linen dress against the golden sunset

When photographing this dress, we stumbled upon this charming field of wildflowers. In fact, it was planted with the sole purpose of assisting bees and other pollinators. Many of them were busily buzzing away, without stopping to notice us. It made for a relaxing atmosphere, one that transported us far away from civilization. I’m always thrilled when we discover charming fields of wildflowers. They’re quite rare here in Belgium, especially in the wild!

Close up shot of a girl wearing a TwoLINEN puff-sleeved linen dress in a field of blue wildflowers

Obviously, TwoLINEN uses quality linen and the final result reflects superb work. Their concept focuses on the fact that these garments can fit different situations. Meaning, you can easily wear them around the house, at work, or out and about. And this is exactly the sort of principles we need more of in today’s fast-fashion world. I’m happy to have discovered this brand and hope to see it grow over time. Because I couldn’t be more satisfied with my garments. I’m already getting so much wear out of both of these items! After my first blog post on this subject, I’m happy to introduce another favorite linen brand. I hope they inspire you as well and who knows, maybe you find something you like!

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