During our stay in Florence last September, we chose to eat out every single day. As a consequence of that, we dined at many different restaurants. So I figured I should make a list of my favorite places to eat in. These restaurants offer excellent vegetarian options and I would definitely recommend them if you’re visiting Florence! I hope some of them inspire you to discover their menu!

Vegetarian street food in Florence


Via S. Gallo, 3r, 50129 Florence

Even though we tried so many different restaurants in Florence, there is only one that stayed with me. If I had to pick one favorite place, it would definitely be SandwiChic! During the four days we spent in Florence, we had lunch here twice. I wanted to stay in Florence longer just to try out more sandwich variations! Their schiacciata sandwiches are delicious and made with local ingredients. They’re so good that I am not exaggerating when I say that they’re the best sandwiches I ever tried! Also, the staff was incredibly kind and helpful. I genuinely can’t think of a downside to it! The prices are more than reasonable considering the amazing ingredients. And even the interior has a cute vintage vibe to it. Out of all the street food restaurants in Florence, this one has the most interesting vegetarian options. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I know where to eat when I return to Florence!

dishes at sandiwchic, a street food restaurant in florence with vegetarian options

Panini Toscani

Piazza del Duomo, 34/R, 50122 Florence

Our very first meal in Florence was at Panini Toscani, situated right across from Santa Maria del Fiore. After an early flight and a few hours of walking, we were glad to sit down and order some schiacciata sandwiches. There weren’t that many vegetarian options available but they were still good. You can taste different cheeses and pick all the ingredients yourself. Basically, you compose a unique sandwich just for you!

dishes at panini toscani, a street food restaurant in florence with vegetarian options

Restaurants with vegetarian options in Florence

Brac Libreria

Via dei Vagellai, 18/R, 50122 Florence

Brac is an amazing vegan restaurant, café, and bookshop too! One of my favorite aspects of it was that you could combine the menu. It’s the best option if it’s your first time eating here. Basically, you can order three main dishes in entrée portions. This way, you can try whatever piques your interest on the menu. As you can gather from the photos, that’s exactly what I did! We enjoyed our dinner on the terrace, overlooking the wonderful purple sunset. I must add that Brac has one of the most affordable prices out of all the restaurants we tried. That’s even more impressive considering the vegan cuisine and organic vegetables! If you’re vegan, I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Trattoria Zà Zà

Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 26r, 50123 Florence

Our very last dinner in Florence took place at Trattoria Zà Zà. Right across from the famous Mercato Centrale, this restaurant was a delight. Since it was our last meal in Italy, we also ordered an entrée. As someone who dislikes cheese, this sample of pecorino cheese with tangerine jam delighted me! And of course, we had to finish our dining experience in Florence with more truffles! I got tagliolini with truffles while Grégory took gnocchi with gorgonzola and truffles. Needless to say, it was delicious!

dishes at trattoria zà zà, a florence restaurant with vegetarian options

Cacio & Pepe

Via dei Tavolini, 11r, 50122 Florence

For our first dinner in Florence, we chose Cacio & Pepe. I picked it because Grégory has tried preparing the trademark dish at home so I thought he would like to try a real Italian cacio e pepe. However, he got distracted by all the truffle dishes and I can’t really blame him! We both chose delicious dishes adorned with truffles and we loved them! Right before our trip, I learned that truffles grow spontaneously around Tuscany. There was nothing else to do but decide to only eat truffle dishes while in Florence!

dishes at cacio& pepe, a restaurant in florence with vegetarian options
dishes at cacio& pepe, a restaurant in florence with vegetarian options

Osteria Pastella

Via della Scala, 17 R, 50123 Florence 

After noticing how busy it gets during dinnertime, we decided to instead have lunch at Osteria Pastella. The best thing about this restaurant is that you can see the fresh homemade pasta being made. Also, one of the dishes includes a Grana Padano cheese wheel being set on fire! It’s a whole show just to get cheese on your tagliatelle but it’s rather fun. Grégory said that he really regretted not choosing that dish! He went with a truffle and lemon risotto while I chose chestnut flour spaghetti. This was my first time trying something made of chestnut flour and it was delicious! Overall, the restaurant has a lovely vintage interior and I would recommend it, especially if you’re into cheese!

dishes at osteria pastella, a restaurant in florence with vegetarian options
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