My second work trip with Vanessa began in the enchanting city of Angers. I had wanted to visit it for years now, ever since seeing photos of its many half-timbered houses. I arrived in the city just in time for lunch, after a hectic but wonderful morning in Paris. In total, we spent two days in Angers so this itinerary is perfect for a weekend in Angers!

Visiting Château d’Angers

You’ll find the unassuming Château d’Angers in the center of the city. Built as a fortress in the 9th century, we didn’t expect to spend so much time visiting it. But it took us by surprise with its impressive garden, chapel, towers, and royal lodgings. We were discovering something new with each minute! If you’re visiting Angers for the weekend, expect to spend quite a few hours here!

Château d’Angers is the home of the Apocalypse Tapestry, one of the most important pieces of woven art. In fact, it’s the largest surviving tapestry and it dates back to the 14th century. 6 meters high and 140 meters long, it’s an outstanding work of art.

Weekend in Angers – where to eat

We tried out two prominent restaurants during our weekend in Angers. You’ll find the first one, Autour d’un Cep, in the city center. A popular destination where you should book a table even on a weekday. The meal is a true gastronomic experience, with creative recipes and excellent service.

The second restaurant was Gribiche, not far from the train station. Of the two, this one was my personal favorite. As someone who dislikes cheese, I ordered a burrata and absolutely loved it! Not to mention the delicious dessert. The staff was extremely friendly and obliging and I would return here in a heartbeat!

I think everyone already knows that I’m a huge fan of half-timbered houses. A few years ago we did a road trip through Brittany and Normandy and the architecture in Rennes and Rouen won me over. I love those crooked wooden beams left exposed on medieval houses. There’s something undeniably charming about those wonky facades!

weekend in angers, city of half-timbered houses

The half-timbered houses in Angers are plentiful and well-preserved. The most famous half-timbered house in the city is Adam’s House (Maison d’Adam). It dates back to 1491 and got its name after the figures of Adam and Eve on the facade. It’s an exceptional building decorated with beautiful wooden carvings. Today, the house is privately owned and there’s a gift shop on the ground floor selling artisan creations.

We accidentally stumbled upon the oldest half-timbered house in Angers that dates back to 1399. With a wobbly facade covered in flowers, it’s a true beauty. Best of all, while we were photographing it, the owners came and opened the door so we got a little glimpse into its interior!

Our stay in Angers felt even more magical due to our accommodation. It satisfied our curiosity about how half-timbered houses look on the inside. L’Oisellerie is a beautiful B&B situated inside a 16th-century half-timbered house. I found it so exquisite that I wrote a separate blog post about it.

Galerie David d’Angers

There are plenty of interesting museums in Angers but Galerie David d’Angers is quite unique. Situated inside a restored 13th-century abbey church, this gallery showcases plaster models of sculptures by David d’Angers. As his name indicates, he was a local sculptor. As fascinating as the sculptures are, they look even more imposing in this space. When it was restored, a glass rooftop replaced the church vault which gave it an original look. Depending on how the sun hits the sculptures, the lights and shadows are constantly at play here.

Those two days in Angers flew by. One place we both wished we could have visited was the Jean Lurçat and Contemporary Tapestry Museum. However, we had a schedule to follow and were running out of time. So we only had time to visit its lovely garden. Lush greenery, lots of flowers, and ancient columns made for one of the most peaceful parks I ever saw.

If you ask me, a weekend getaway in Angers sounds like a lovely way to escape daily life. Getting away from a big city and getting lost in beautiful medieval streets. From Paris, there is a direct 90-minute train which makes the idea of a weekend in Angers easy to organize! And there are even more places to visit in the countryside around Angers. All in all, Angers is an amazing starting point for a long weekend in the Loire Valley!

weekend in angers, view of cathedral
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