A few years back, when I still lived in Brussels, I used to spend the entire weekend outside. There were just so many interesting attractions and activities in the city. Recently, after a visit to Brussels on a Sunday, Grégory inspired me to write a blog post on this subject. So here they are, seven things to do in Brussels on a Sunday!

Relax in a park

One thing Brussels should pride itself on is the number of green spaces in the city. You’ll find dozens of green spaces scattered throughout the city and bigger parks outside of the center. There are plenty to choose from and you’re never really too far from a green space. One of my favorites is the slightly hidden Parc d’Egmont near Sablon. But I also love Bois de la Cambre because due to its size, you can get lost in it.

Head over to CINEMATEK

If you want to skip out on new releases in big cinema rooms, choose CINEMATEK for a change. One of the most important film museums in the world, they have an impressive film archive. They’re open every Sunday and the program is always different, ranging from silent cinema to relatively recent releases. Plus, the cinema rooms are smaller, which makes for a more intimate film viewing. This place is what I miss the most since moving away from Brussels!

Kinetoscope, for viewing films through a peephole viewer
Kinetoscope in the lobby of CINEMATEK

Visit a museum

You’ll find most museums in Brussels open on a Sunday and there are plenty to choose from. Art history, musical instruments, cars, comics, fashion, design, chocolate, you name it. And the best part is, on the first Sunday of every month, you can access some of these museums for free! You can check this list to see which museums are free, and what is not included usually means it’s free on the first Wednesday of every month!

Three Art Nouveau paintings hanging on a wall

Browse through bookstores & vinyl stores

Surprisingly enough, you’ll find more than a few shops open on a Sunday in Brussels. When it comes to secondhand books, Pêle-Mêle is your best option. Especially if you’re looking for books in English! And for newer book releases, head to Librairie Tropismes or Waterstones. For more options, check out my blog post dedicated to my favorite secondhand bookstores in Brussels. The obvious choice for a vinyl store is The Collector but my personal favorite is Hors-série. I’ve dragged plenty of old movie soundtracks back home with me from this store!

bookstore and vinyls on a sunday in brussels

Attend a live concert

One thing where Brussels never fails is the music scene. Being the capital of Belgium, it is frequented by big and small musicians. And the music scene is pretty varied considering the city has about twenty musical venues. We usually find ourselves coming back to Botanique or Ancienne Belgique because of their indie/folk program.

The Tallest Man on Earth live concert

Have brunch

Like everywhere else, brunch has become a Sunday tradition in Brussels too. You’ll find numerous restaurants open every Sunday in Brussels, offering cuisines from all over the world. I’m not the biggest brunch expert so I’ll just leave you with this seemingly endless list of restaurants serving Sunday brunches!

brunch in brussels on a sunday

Find some quiet outside of Brussels

Finally, if you find the city to be too overwhelming, you can easily get to the forest. Only 30 minutes away, you can choose to go to the Hallerbos forest, most famous for its bluebells in April. But I find it to be equally charming when draped in green or autumnal colors. Another option is the Tervuren Arboretum, where the trees are planted in groups based on their origin. From Asia and Europe, all the way to North America and Alaska, the trees are awe-inspiring. I think we have to head over there ourselves and explore every little corner!

Bluebell forest in Hallerbos
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