February, the shortest month that seems like the longest one because we’re all awaiting spring. This year, I decided to make it feel less long by visiting Leuven.

Winter Day in Leuven

Most commonly known as the student city, it was surprisingly a place I hadn’t visited before.

After this visit, I can certainly say I’ll be back during summer. What impressed me the most was the magnificent town hall. Built in a late Gothic style, it stands out next to any other building in the city.

Winter Day in Leuven

Groot Begijnhof, Leuven

Beguinages look like small towns containing adorable houses and narrow streets. To be more precise, they are religious complexes built centuries ago for members of the community.

Winter Day in Leuven

Nowadays, the houses in Leuven are used by the university for housing students and university guests. Aren’t they lucky!

Klein Begijnhof, Leuven

Leuven is home to two beguinages; a big beguinage and a small one. The latter one is minuscule but equally charming. Personally, I’ve visited beguinages in Ghent, Bruges and now Leuven but I know there are a few more to discover in Belgium.

Winter Day in Leuven

As much as I love discovering new cities, it feels so much more exhausting during winter.
Despite all the possible shelters from the cold, which I found quite a few of in Leuven.

Thelma Coffee Design

As far as I’ve noticed, this is the only concept store in Leuven and it is a must-visit! It combines fashion, coffee, and a relaxing interior design. Pretty much anything you see, it’s on sale, including the chairs and pillows you sit on.

Thelma Coffee Design, Leuven

Koffie en Staal

Literally translated as coffee and steel, you’ll find both in this place. Gorgeous industrial design and good coffee and might I add, even better pies!

Koffie en Staal, Leuven

Visiting Leuven was on my (thoughtfully planned out) list of things to do this year. It starts out slow due to this neverending winter but it grows bigger as we get closer to the warm months.

Nonetheless, I still love these city visits where I’m freezing outside, warming up in a café, and freezing outside again. And so on, it goes in a circle but it still puts a smile on my face.

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